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Personal PMP test takers

There is no better reminder that I've neglected my series on passing the PMP Certification Exam than a stream of readers searching for cheats, tips and now, "Personal PMP test takers". It can't be that hard can it?

A coach or a study group might be useful in creating the sense of obligation that some people need to get through the process, but hiring a personal PMP test taker takes away all that pressure. In fact, why not outsource all your work to someone who already has a PMP? The only trick to it is getting your company to pay for it.

I'm expecting to have to do some travel soon. Travel means killing time in the airport. Killing time in the airport means I'll probably write more. You'll know it when you see it. Any requests?

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    Daniel Z:

    You asked for requests... I'd love to hear your inputs on using the My task option in MSP 2007. I am finding it very hard to implement do to many problems: Can't see the summary tasks, can't sort,filter or group in this view. My users are frustrated with this and are complaining a lot! Any suggestions?

    Maneesha Bhatt:

    Hi, I just started reading your guide, lots of help so far. Couple questions:
    1. Where are parts 3 and 10?
    2. Have you taken the exam yet? I haven't read all of the parts of your post yet so maybe the answer is buried there. But what did you think? Still think it's a silly certification?


    Maneesha, The parts should be there. Try looking at the category archives. I haven't taken the exam yet (May 2007) because things have gotten too busy to bother with it for now. I do still question the value of the certification, but some people value it so there is certainly demand for it. Will try and get back to posting more regularly when I have a chance. -Jack

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