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SAMs and TAMs and CAGRs oh my!

Flying on a plane one is always reminded of the soul-deadening properties of powerpoint. To my left a heavy sheaf of perhaps 67 slides presenting trends in the software and os markets weighs down a consultant and bends the back of a binder clip . 67 pages of tables and percentages and charts ever upward, ever onward. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it is 76 pages.

I just wonder how people are going to sit through that. Is there some background music? Will the colors on the charts be enough to prevent somnambulation? And why powerpoint? Surely this is something better compiled into a white paper with enough room to discuss meaning and context as well as methodology. For a presentation, boil it down. You don't put a whole maple tree on your pancakes do you?

NOTE: SAM = Share of Available Market, TAM = Total Available Market, CAGR = Compound Aggregate Growth Rate.



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