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Some people I know from another forum are struggling with the definition of the word "wallyrigged". The origins should be self-evident, but here are some examples which cover provenance and illustrate usage:

On the Frontline, Walmart show, they spend some time explaining "pricepoint marketing". This is the cheapest possible price for a item even if it means closing a factory and killing the employees. The intent of pricepoint is to create an illusion of value. To deceive customers into thinking they have obtained a working product.

An example of wallyrigging would be to fix a broken tie-rod with a plastic replacement that had a lifetime warranty, Even though it was clearly marked "Made in China for entertainment purposes only".

A whatever it takes to do something at the lowest cost solution. A total abandonment of concern and consequences is wallyrigging. This is not limited to consumer levels. Wallyrigging starts in the boardroom, is echoed in the halls of congress and born on the backs of average Mericans.

And another real-life example:

For the recent extended family trip, my father bought a cheap Walmart canopy to erect on the beach and provide shelter from the sun. My brother and I went down to the beach with it and poured the contents of the box out on the sand and began assembling the pieces. What a rubiks cube of a mess - in the end, the Chinese widget factory had mislabled one of the snap in support poles and we ended up kluging a fix that lasted until (10 minutes later) a stiff wind bent one of the support poles until the whole contraption looked like it was knelt in prayer towards Mecca. It still supplied a wee bit of shade low to the ground but it looked too much like an OkieQ family-reunion-come-to-Jesus-prayer shrine, so I broke it down and threw it in the trash.
This is not a rant about quality or meant to be a disparaging comment on the ability of any country to make a quality product. Rather it just points out that "you get what you pay for" and sometimes a lot more. Many thanks to Rman and Joel for the examples!


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