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After Death Experiences

I'm getting ready to start on a "post-mortem" of a completed project. This sort of activity is very useful in gathering and making sense of what happened in the project. The general idea is to review:

  • Plans vs. What Actually Happened
  • What We Did Right
  • What We Did Wrong
  • What We Can Do Better

    I'm interested if anyone else does something similar and if so, what are the specifics of their method. Post a comment or a link if you have one.

    In a related note, we were recently looking for some information from other projects. In searching out the post-mortems for other projects my co-worker asked his contacts to "Send me the first draft". The reason being that as the presentation got reviewed and refined by different layers of management it became less useful in understanding what the real issues were.


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    Rob Schneider:

    : what "risks" came true?
    : what "risks" were over or under worked?
    : recognise that the same thing can seem as a great accomplishment to one person, and a complete failure to another.
    : were the objectives, success critria, and benefits identified prior to the project achieved? Were these things applicable? Would you, in retrospect have identified different objectives, success criteria, etc.?

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