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Good Things Come In Fives

Well, I just finish posting about the number 5 and along comes Glen Alleman stating that there are "only a small hand full (5 or less) fundamental principles".

How handy.

Now, what are those five? I'm not going to stay up late enough to go into detail about more than one of them, but here is my take on them:

1) Define the work
2) Plan the work
3) Watch for variance
4) Correct
5) Do it again

Variance is the principle which allows to to spread your limited attention most wisely. Predators eyes (and perhaps others) work on the principle that they sense movement against a background. They sense change. It is really the variation from what is expected which allows us to focus in on things. You can not focus on everything. Whatever tools you are using to help you manage should highlight variation (both positive and negative) so that you can take action and either maximize your gains or minimize your losses.

What do you think? It sounds a bit like the standard Plan, Do, Check, Act but that is too simple for my tastes. Four is an unlucky number of ingredients. Any sushi chef will tell you that much.

Leave a comment or take up the discussion on your blog if you have one. I'd love to hear what other people think the five basic principles are.


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It's actually six

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