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In response to my post on Project users Joël from Go-Project noted that he would not curse at an oscilloscope which he did not take the time to learn. It is a good point. With all of the different features and modes, project is probably as complicated yet people want to plug it in and have it work. And like an oscilloscope, the function of project is to measure and monitor rather than to perform any work itself. That is to say that Joel can't use an oscilloscope because he is not an electrical engineer. In the same way, those people cursing at Project are a few steps short of being Project managers.

He goes a bit further and accusing me of ranting about Project server (what ME rant!) but it still isn't convincing Joel. Different situations call for different tools and different processes. I'll grant that Project Server is the tool for when you want to do Project Accounting, but I'm still not convinced it is necessary for certain other types of projects.

Anyway, I think we can both agree that Joel is right. Understanding the tool is necessary for proper use.

And if you are one of those frustrated project managers, often the answer is to just ask for help. Try asking here.



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