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Project Management Menus

I've already likened a certain scheduling technique to a peanut butter sandwich. I'm not sure what is driving me to such analogies, but it occured to me that those who are serving up a Project Management System based on the entire contents of the Guide to the PMBOK are delivering a big turkey dinner with stuffing, sweet potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie (add dishes until you reach the 9 practice areas).


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I'm not sure Project Server could provide all the courses described in PMBOK. If I look through the Nine Process (sorry knowledge) Areas.

1. Integraton Management - coordinate various processes and activities. These coudl be represented in the schedule (Integrated Master Schedule).
2. Scope Management - the scope of work can be defined through the WBS or the IMP/IMS numbering scheme.
3. Time Management - time management can be done as long as you like working in Gregorian calendars. If you need to use an accounting calendar you're hosed. Project can't deal with the financial view of work.
4. Cost Management - the cost approach of project is very naive, no accounting calendar, no security for labor rates. Forget the variable or rollup cost models found in any decent cost tool. Add to this the very lame earned value calcs and project is not the place to be doing cost management. The list of less-then-useful things is way to long for a simple post, but I carry that list in my notebook and whip it out everytime I encounter a MSFT Project representative.
5. Quality Management - the planning for QA can be done in project.
6. HR Management - the resource tools are OK, not great but OK. variable rates, blended rates, assignments that change mid task and all the nice cost management stuff related to resources can't be done.
7. Communications Management - office tools can be used for this.
8. Risk Management - the PMBOK risk approach is missing many things, but Project can be used to indicate the "risk buy down" activities. What can't be done is any of the modern probablistics risk analysis. On adds are used (Risk+ is ours), but Risk+ doesn't work with server and does't cross MPP file boundaries, so it's limited as well.
9. Procurement Management - connections to SAP is there but man are they complex.

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