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What is Project Scope

There is considerable discussion on the Newgrange discussion list about what scope is and what it isn't. While I find it interesting enough to dip in and read a couple of arguments in the debate about it I think I have skipped more than I have read so I feel out of place commenting on it there. In my opinion scope is simple. It is the definition of what you are going to do. That is inclusive of meeting whatever specifications have been agreed upon and the work necessary to deliver on that agreement.

Any more time spent on it in a hypothetical frame of mind is wasted. For a specific project or program it is wise to spend time on it and get it right. Ultimately scope is determining what you are getting paid for. Not much more to it than that.

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    One great way to seperate theory from practice here is to look at an RFP for the definition of pr oejct scope. Not the dictionary definition, by the list of activities asked for by the RFP writer.

    It includes all the work, product and process, in the limited projects I've been on.

    I'll do some work this week and build a list of real RFPs the theory folks can look at.

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