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Rebuilding the Project Management Web

I started this blog five years and a million visitors ago.

In that time a lot has changed. Blogs have come and gone. Twitter was invented. Communities have died and new ones have been born. So with the 5 year anniversary coming up in April I thought it would be good to explore and remap the landscape.

I'm approaching this in a random fashion. I'll review a site, then ask the owner which site they like best, and continue until I reach a barrier or run out of energy. I'll also inject a few of my favorites as I go along if no one else brings them up. This post will be updated with a list of all the posts.

If you would like to suggest an inclusion, please make a suggestion in the comments.

Here is this blog's monthly growth chart for the first 5 years. I didn't start measuring until it was about 6 months old.



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