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Top Ten Mistakes Made by a New PMO Manager

It being Friday, it seems a good time to add to the store of project management humor. The following is from William Duncan:

Top Ten Mistakes Made by a New PMO Manager (with tongue mostly in cheek):

  • 10. Selling his/her house to be closer to the new job.
  • 9. Buying stock in her/his new employer's company to demonstrate commitment.
  • 8. Failing to understand that PMO stands for "Project Managers are Opposed."
  • 7. Believing what was said about senior management commitment during the interview process.
  • 6. Believing what was said about the skills of the PMO staff during the interview process.
  • 5. Thinking: "how hard can it be to get this organization to support something that is clearly in its best interests."
  • 4. Thinking: "how hard can it be to get the project managers to support something that is clearly in their best interests."
  • 3. Planning to hire an outside organization to develop all new procedures.
  • 2. Deciding that better project management training is all that's really needed.

And the Number One mistake ...

  • 1. Taking the job.

Source: Posted by William Duncan, the Newgrange Mailing List.

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    Stumbled upon this as I search for insight into MS Project 2007. As a Project Manager who just took the job a week ago, I have to say that I already have reason to find humor in this posting. Thanks!

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