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Finally the truth! and just as quickly gone...

For those who always wondered how a computer works here is a sight that explains in plane english. Don't forget to tip the webmaster. Now about those busses Judy, it seems somehow you have gotten on a short one.

Sorry, but that link is dead now. Apparently someone out there thought it was dangerous:

Name: Address: XXXXXXXX Subject: Tripod Type of Abuse: Fraud Service: Report Abuse

I found that website that is giving 99% of wrong
informations about computers.


The person is even proposing to receive Paypal
donations for her information given.

For those reasons and because this site is
intentionaly sending false information, I am
asking you to have it shutdown ASAP.



From : support_abuse_ls@support.lycos.com
Sent : XX july 2005 XX:XX
Object : Re: Tripod: Fraud (KMM25269096V4XXXXXXXX)


Thank you for contacting the Lycos Network Abuse Department.

The account you have brought to the attention of the Lycos Network Abuse
Department was found to be in violation of our Terms and Conditions. As
a result, it has been removed from our servers. Thank you for reporting
it to us.

Please note that the creator of this page is in no way directly
associated with the Lycos Network or its web publishing products. We
exercise no editorial control over the content posted by or the actions
of our users. All users are expected to abide by our Terms and
Conditions, which can be found at the following URL:


I hope you find that our prompt response to this situation addresses
your concerns. If you have any questions or find more accounts that
require our attention please feel free to contact us again.



Lycos Network Abuse Specialist

Remind me to think twice before I engage in satire.


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Hey, how about using Judy's marketing approach? We'll all be rich, just like we were supposed to be in the startup days of 1980. Oh I forgot about the reverse dilution startgies at IPO time ... maybe a buck per transactions ain't bad as a start.

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