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I'm uh... honored.

My blog got some mail today:

As a producer for the "Forbes Radio" channel on American Airlines, I am
personally extending an invitation for Zo-D to appear on an upcoming
in-flight radio broadcast airing worldwide January 2006. This is a sponsored
program, which reaches over 4.2 million potential listeners.

This unique radio program will be spotlighting the most innovative
organizations and their forward thinking leaders who present strategies and
solutions to help global businesses increase market share, improve
efficiencies and maximize relationships with their customers, employees and
extended enterprise partners.

Some of our distinguished guests who contribute their unique and insightful
perspectives on these special business airlines shows include.

William Brock - former U.S. Senator and U.S. Secretary of Labor
Former Ambassador - Clayton Yeutter
Marshall V. Miller - Miller & Company
Craig M. Pool - Foreign Trade Zone Corporation
Donna Sharp - World Trade Institute of Pace University
And some of America's finest corporations:
Intel, The Broad Foundation, WellPoint Health Networks, Microsoft, Red Hat,
BP America, Cendant, Abbott Labs, BMC Software, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young,
Hilton Hotels Corp, American Medical Association, Deloitte and Touche USA,
FedEx Corp, General Motors, Kmart, Sun Microsystems, Sallie Mae, Starwood
Hotels, Storage Tek, USA Today and many others.

Your spokesperson is invited to join our program and communicate Zo-D's
expertise, and vision to our captive audience of 4.2 million executive
travelers per month. Our listeners include business leaders,
vice-presidents, institutional and individual high-net investors who fly
regularly on American Airlines.

Our production team of creative writers and engineers will produce an
informative and dynamic three-minute interview capturing the exact message
you want to convey. Your interview will then broadcast worldwide on 29,000
flights for the entire month of January 2006.

Here is a review of what the package includes:

1. Production of a 3-minute interview to air on 29,000 audio-equipped
American Airlines flights
2. Listing in American's AAttractions In-flight Entertainment Guide. Total
circulation of 342,000
3. Rebroadcast of interview on www.SkyRadioNet.com with hotlink to your Web
4. Digital audio file of interview for integrated promotional purposes
5. "As heard on American Airlines" logo for airing of interview on your Web
6. All turnkey production including scripting of questions, recording,
editing, mastering and delivery

To hear what's currently airing on Forbes Radio:

You have time to prepare/schedule for the interview, as our recording
deadline is October 5th, 2005. However, time is of the essence to take
advantage.. Our space is extremely limited and we need a commitment by
Tuesday, August 2nd, to submit our invitation list to the airlines for print
purposes.We are offering a 50% discount.Instead of the normal rate card of
$9,995, your discounted rate is only $4,995.

If each of my valued readers chip in a couple hundred dollars each I can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!


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So, uh, they want you to pay them $5-$10K for the honor of playing a 3 minute podcast on their proprietary airline audio network? Wow.

You sure you don't want to sell a kidney or something to get in on this? ;-)

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