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Future Topics

Theory of Constraints
Project Templates
Why Project Server is ____(FIB)
(anyone have any suggested topics?)


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Rob Schneider:


Well done starting a blog. I'll be an active reader. I started doing a blog like this about a year ago but ran out of time (kids, job, etc.) I will appreciate being a reader and will feel guilty about not contributing... (I've grown to like the blogging concept more than Newsgroups).

Future Topics:

: Opportunities Lost when using Microsoft Project as if it were Microsoft Excel.

: How to model TOC (Theory of Constraints) buffers in a Microsoft Project plan

: Best practices for using Project to monitor progress and forecast end dates/costs (presumabley with Earned Value).

: How Microsoft Project Enterprise compares with PlanView (since my org picked Planview as it's 'enterprise tool' to my chagrin.

: Along those same lines ... what comes first ... a lot of process modeling and definition, OR learn to use the tool then define the surrounding processess to feed the tool ...


Thanks Rob - I'm worried I'll run out of steam too, but comments like this will help me keep going. If you ever want to contribute a guest article let me know.

Hey, don't say anything bad about Excel. It ranks above Powerpoint as a scheduling tool! http://masamiki.com/project/Excel.htm

Rob Schneider:

eh? I *like* PowerPoint *better* as a PM tool than Excel! With Excel not only is one likely to get the wrong answer, but it's difficult to notice the errors. Communication, e.g. understanding by the reader, is difficult. At least if the PM limits her/himself to PowerPoint (or similiar) they have to avoid computations since it's hard to do with PowerPoint, and instead focus on communication which perhaps is a *good thing*.


I'm becoming convinced we think alike. Your comment about communication is a good one. Just don't go saying that excel gives you the wrong answer. I can't do without it.

Rob Schneider:

Ooops. I miscommunicated. Excel is right 99.9999999999% of the time. And like you, I use it all the time.

The problem I see (daily) is the person who programmes incorrect algorithms, or the person who picks up prior spreadsheet work (done by him/herself or others) and can't remember how it all works. It's when people show me the critical path they computed in Excel. Or the "schedule" of tasks liked up on a calendar (columns) that are in no way related to resource availability or task logic. And then the schedule changes after the first week of the project, and the hoards of programme office people have to re-do all their spreadsheets ... on it goes.


Critical path calc's should be done in a tool that is made for them - like Project. Task lists are probably OK for Excel. Personally I think schedules are overrated. You will see me saying this again and again.


I am looking forward to reading your articles. I would definately be interested in reading about Project Server and SharePoint integration.

Bob Mixon

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