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Sailing Sailing...

I'm trying to figure out whether this map from the USGS means I'll end up somewhere deep under San Leandro, swimming with the fishes in the Pacific or will just slide up next to Portland. I'm just a bit West of that line of yellow, blue and red boxes.

I'd tell the story about my grandfather and the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake but for dramatic effect I'm going to wait until something really breaks loose.


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Your site is very useful

http://hirsute.cse.ucdavis.edu/~rundle/ is the site of a former neighbor. He's in the prediction business and has a good track record. His site provides some more background on your probability of getting wet.

We moved to Colorado in 1994 when LA was hit by a big quake, fire, and riots. The national earthquake center is in Golden, COLORADO. Tell ya something about what they think a safe place looks like. ;>)


Well its nice to even see someone post about using a map these days! I thought it was only us stubborn classic yacht sailors who stuck to some maps, the rest of the workd seem to be hooked up on some form of mind enabled GPS!
Have a nice one!

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