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"People come to us in weakness"

In 2003 Sergey Brin of Google told Quentin Hardy:

"People come to us in weakness. They are admitting that they don't know something. When we tell them what they want to know, it creates a strong bond."

Geez. Going to google is a sign of weakness? Imagine what going to the library must mean! Or reading a book!

Since you are here reading, and since I'm ultimately non-entertaining, the only real conclusion I can draw is that you are coming because you don't know something. You are weak. There. Now you know because I told you. Feel the bond? I knew you would.

Despite the arrogant attitude this quotation projects, the article it is drawn from is not too bad. It contains some amount of over-conjecture, but you can filter it yourself. The entire article which covers google, information and the "collective mind" is here:
Can we know everything?

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