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11-99 Foundation License Plate Frame - Culture of Corruption?


If you live in California you have probably seen one of these. No, not the Mercedes SL500, but the license plate frame which says 11-99 Foundation. The 11-99 foundation is a charitable organization which supports familes of California Highway Patrol employees. Primarily they help out in cases of sickness or death. This is a very good thing.

But the puzzling thing is the way they go about it. The license plate frame is an example. For a $1800 donation to the organization you get a license plate frame, a certificate and a wallet with a special 11-99 badge in it. The wallet has a place for your ID just opposite the badge. The perfect thing to hand to an officer who has just pulled you over.

Now, perhaps they don't intend to create the impression that this sort of prominent identification with the program is helpful in avoiding prosecution by the Highway Patrol, but the general public certainly thinks it is. For example:

"Well for those who don't believe in the CHP11-99 Foundation, this story will make you change your minds. In California, time around 3pm. ...I looked to my left for on coming traffic and didn't see anyone, so I pushed it from around 55mp to 100 in no time. All a sudden I see a front bumper next to my side door? I was in shock, then looked quickly and it was a black bumper with steel guards. Guess what it was a COP... He told me I was clocked at 102 ! I told him some Mustang was on my *** on 85 and I wanted to get him off my bumper. I gave him my CHP-1199 badge and membership card....He comes back and tells me he doesn't know what to do, 1. give me a ticket or 2. give me a warning. Well he gives me a warning and says goodbye"

So, when I see something like this on a fast car - and they are always on fast cars... it tells me something about the driver. Sometimes it means that they really care. But you can care in private right? Care without the badge and license plate frame? So my mind rejects that approach and assumes the worst. I really think they need a tagline. Something like:

  • "My convenience is more important than your safety"
  • "Nation of laws? That's for losers"
  • "Money changes everything"
  • "Buy a cop today"

Really, I don't know what else to think. Would tax cheats wear their fraudulent returns so proudly?

Update Aug 23, 2006: Carroll Shelby is a card carrying member: From an article in Globe and Mail Carroll expounds on the value of his 11-99 foundation badge:

"I got a few tickets, but I haven't got a lot of tickets in my lifetime. I'm a member of 11-99 [a charitable foundation]. I have a thing that gets you out of tickets that I carry in my briefcase.

"[The foundation gives] money, about $5-million [U.S.], away every year — to widows and orphans of highway patrol men killed in action. And unless we run over a kid in a school zone doing 40 to 50 miles an hour, they usually let us go if you've got that little card," says Shelby, who also started the Carroll Shelby Children's Foundation to help kids in need of heart and kidney care."

Mail I've gotten from some CHP members says this sort of thing is a myth... but here it is again.

UPDATE: Dec 12, 2006 The CHP1199.org site has been redesigned and all reference to the membership program has been removed. For more information and a look at the old site I have a new article: http://zo-d.com/stuff/automotive/chp-1199-foundation-changing-its-stripes.html

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    If you don't think the manner in which your situation was handled then why did you use the process in the first place. You sound fishier then than the 11-99 Foundation. Playing both ends.

    (Note from Jack: It was NOT my situation that I described. Just an example posting from the internet. I do not have a license plate frame on my car)


    Hmmm... I think your theory has merit. Just today, I saw a Ferrari with the 11-99 license plate frame on the back. I didn't see the front of the car, so I don't know if there was a frame or even a license plate on it, but I doubt it. The guy driving the car looked about 18 and not a day over!


    11-99 Fundation plates are a great way to help financially support what the CHP offers to its "internal family". On the other hand the plates DO OFFER an "out" so to speak to those who can afford this luxury while those who can't - get the big tickets and court fines. I am not promoting to speed and be wreckless, just have safe fun - and enjoy your exotic car, while being respectful and safe to others. Not trying to offend anyone!I have worked hard for my money and vehicles, I want to enjoy them... this doesnt mean I hotrod around, sometimes I just want to utilize the horsepower once in a while :)


    Hey Jack,
    I saw one of these in a Maybach today going to Balboa Island!



    try not to be so jaded. chances are someone with wealth enough for ferraris can afford to get an attorney to fight every traffic ticket and won't care about increases in insurance. better they are stepping up to the plate, voluntarily, and helping an organization that is worthy.


    Ah - another case of I can't have it so no one else can either. On the freeway a "fast" car going 100 (traffic conditions permitting) is MUCH safer than an SUV going 80 - but I see the latter much more frequently. Just because you want to complain about a few haves you are risking spoiling a program that geatly benefits the widows, orphans and families of our everyday heros - the police. Shame on you!

    Of course this was not my point at all. My point is that this program gives the impression that our everyday heros, the California Highway Patrol, is corrupt and trading speeding tickets for donations. It is sad to me that they are doing this, even if the end result benefits widows and orphans. Isn't there a better way?>


    I see those license plate frames on most luxury cars, not just fast cars. I thought something is fishy. (I'm not a member) I got a ticket a year ago and not my fault (swear to God) and went to court and fought it and lost. I bet if I was a member of this 11-99 foundation I would have been off easily. (But I would not be stupid enough to support those punks because my fine and increase in insurance cost is much much lest then the $1800 member cost.)


    The CHP isn't "trading speeding tickets for dontations" in this case; the 11-99 foundation is an independent charitable entity. I have cited folks with the 11-99 foundation plate frame for unsafe driving.

    The 11-99 program big-wigs actually come to the CHP Academy and tell the cadets to report anyone who attempts to use their 11-99 membership to get out of an enforcement action. The 11-99 foundation will revoke one's membership and get their "flatbadge" back.

    If it's any consolation, I've never met an officer who lets 11-99 members go. Anyone who acts like the CHP owes them a favor or is indebted to them will not likely be let off with just a warning. Personally, I think that if someone genuinely supports what we're doing, they'll support getting a ticket for driving in a manner that puts other members of the motoring public at risk.

    Karl Ward:

    Too much analysis. Police do have a certain amount of discretion when it comes to writing tickets. Lets face it, safety is the reason their there. If somebody supports an organization that supports their fallen colleagues they are going to be looked upon favorably. Nature of the beast.There are no guarentees that you will be treated differently and I suspect it may depend on the agregious of the violation. Nevertheless , again there are no promises implied or promised. I think this organization is brilliant. These guys are dying out there for ya, and I for one, am glad to be a friend and have a way to express my thanks.

    (Karl, first you say that people will be "looked upon favorably" because of the license plate frame and badge, then you say there are is nothing "implied". I find these two statements contradictory. You can always express your thanks by giving a check. No need to wear the license plate frame or carry the badge. But it is not a big deal to me. I find it more funny than anything else.

    Karl Ward:

    Let me be clear. I look upon my niece who is doing very well at UCLA favorably, which is not to say that I am implying that she will be treated differently than her siblings. And yes one can always give a check. No argument there. In fact, do it !

    Karl Ward:

    Let me be clear. I look upon my niece who is doing very well at UCLA favorably, which is not to say that I am implying that she will be treated differently than her siblings. And yes one can always give a check. No argument there. In fact, do it !


    Get caught driving drunk or foolishly and see what happens with your frames and badge. I have had CHPs let me go several times. I am not a member and I drive a red Saleen Mustang in the Bay Area a bit more freely than I should. I have been stopped several times and let off with them telling me to slow it down. But the odd thing is my boss is a BIG supporter of CHP and the local PD he has received two tickets for speeding with badge, frames and dropping big names. THEY DID NOT WORK! If I had the doe I would give without the benefits. Go CHP!

    Chris Thwaites:

    I live in an upscale neighborhood. One of my neighbors drives an S-600 MBZ and he speeds around in this 25 mph zone all the time. I walked by his house the other day and he has the 11-99 plate frame. I heard this gets you off if you get pulled over by a CHP so I Googled it. After reading all the posts I think it's just another way for arrogant jerks with fancy/fast cars to advertise their egos.I guess you could call that "getting off"! It may be a good cause...probably is but the marketing is especially clever. I'll bet the CHP officers who posted are right. If you deserve a ticket the plate and badge won't help.

    Dave Helsel:

    For claification. Membership in the CHP 11-99 Foundation does not imply nor provide for favoritism. Members that are stopped and use and/or display their membership credentials with an expectation of leniency loose their membership in the Foundation. The Foundation takes back the credentials and other Foundation property, including the license plate frames. The Foundation also sends the revoked member a check reimbursing their membership fee. Just ask the two Ferrarri owners, now ex-members, that were stopped in May by the CHP in Monterey. Membership abuse results in revocation of membership. Ask the BMW driver in Arcadia that is calling me to plead for his membership back after implying he was with the CHP when stopped by a LASD Deputy. We do not put up with any BS and we routinely revoke memberships. I know becasuse that's my job with the Foundation. Don't join for any other reason than to support the families of the brave men and women of the CHP. Incidently, seven of which have given their lives for you in the last 11 months. If you're joining with an expectation of receiving a break forget about it.


    Please. Don't insult our intelligence. There are thousands of good charities out there, but if you own an expensive and powerful car the most desirable charity is the 11-99 Foundation. For only $1800 you can demonstrate your generosity toward widows and orphans as well as yourself. Money for them. Forgiveness for you.
    If the "Foundation" wanted to look less like a formalized system of bribery, it would eliminate the noxious plate, the badge, the other accoutrements, and celebrate its contributors anonymously . .. as occurs in the more reputable charitable organizations.


    I have only been a part of the 11-99 foundation for a few months and needless to say it does help. I have been let off the last to times I have been pulled over.

    Michael Tyminski:

    I am a 11-99 member, Silver level (that means a $10,000 donation), and believe that by being a 11-99 member means I have to be a better driver, by example. I frankly would be disappointed if a CHP hesitated to do his/her job if I was speeding and gave me only a warning.

    Donate to the 11-99 for the right reasons. The CHP does a great job and the 11-99 Foundation is a righteous cause.

    I am proud my silver 11-99 license plate frame. It is difficult to see from a distance, which for all those skeptical people, means I donated to the 11-99 Foundation without any hope of the 11-99 license frame giving me a break.

    FYI. I drive my bright red Porsche like an old lady. Driving a great car is fun within the law.


    I was just surfing the net for info on what the heck the 11-99 Foundation was! I drop my child off at school in Los Gatos, CA (land of the posers, in their Beemers and Mercedes) and they ALL seem to be members. I was beginning to think it was some secret society for the rich and showy. Let's just say they are never seen on a Toyota. Always some fancy import. I came home and now it's clear to me. Mind you that none of the plates say "CHP" that I could see. I think people want to you view them as "special". No one has ever asked me for a donation. Of course I don't drive a BMW.


    I just saw one today on a Subaru...that's why I decided to Google it. I definitely don't consider a Subar a "showy" car. I would guess that some people truly join for the cause and others for the perceived benefit.



    Two things to consider. One, cars manufactured today perform at a safety level only science fiction could imagine when the national speed limits were imposed. ABS, Active Braking, Active Suspensions, Distronic Control, Stability Control Systems, Body Roll Control, 4 Wheel Independent Suspensions, 4 Wheel Disk Brakes, Head's Up Displays, Speed Sensitive Power Steering, and a plethora of other advancements allow for increased speed with better safety.

    Two, it is unfortunate that it takes a separate organization supported by wealthy individuals to support the families of those who died for all of us. Therefore, if it takes the owners of these cars which are engineered to stop in 1/4 the distance and avoid accidents 99% of the time, when compared with cars from the 1970's, to pay thousands to support the CHP and get a break for doing so, then I'm ok with that. And if these individuals speed, remember they are doing so in cars built to do so in a very safe manner. If you get an 1199 membership, you should also be required to take extensive driver training. Imagine a culture of expert driving like we see in Germany. Driving is dangerous not because of the speed, but because of lack of skill and attention. More deadly accidents occur at 40 MPH and below than at 100MPH and above. I would suggest a consideration of these points before those who won't contribute cry in their soup. With this said, I understand that membership will not prevent tickets. Thus one can only assume these individuals pay thousands because they value having the best trained highway patrol in the world.


    Hmm...$1800 for a license plate frame or ~$200 for a speeding ticket. I don't see the economies of scale in the license plate frame for the purpose of getting out of tickets.
    Even if you get several tickets you're still well away from the $1800 cost of the license plate frame. So, even if you DO get out of a speeding ticket or two...or three...or four...you've still paid more than the fines would have been. AND the money you've spent goes to a good cause.
    My question to you is: How else would you be able to convince people that have the money to part with it? Remember, even non-profits and clubs must provide some kind of VALUE or (if we're honest) guilt trip to their constituents lest they fall away and their cause be lost.
    I say spend the money on the license plate frame if you can. If you're doing it to get out of a couple of tickets I don't imagine your financial sense will allow you to do so for very long.
    Let's think these things through before slamming people who have the means because we assume they are doing it for less than admirable reasons.
    An $1800 license plate frame is NOT more cost-effective than paying for a few speeding tickets. I'd be more vocal about America's RIGHT (yes, I said right) to drive and our poor (at best) requirements to obtain a drivers LICENSE. It should be a permit. Along the lines of a library card..
    IMO :)

    "John", A speeding ticket may just be a few hundred dollars. A DUI ticket may be more and may result in removal of license. Even a handful of speeding tickets can result in losing your license. On top of that, insurance rates can increase dramatically. So, on the financial side, there are many aspects you have not considered. Do the math and check what a ticket actually costs in time and increased insurance premiums then let me know if it is still "worth" it. - Jack


    I've seen several comments above commenting on the fact that high performance cars are far safer and so the CHP 11-99 frames on these cars don't endanger safety. Yes these cars are safer but that shouldn't be license to speed. Do police officers now need a database of vehicle types and do they need to index the speed limit to the vehicles capabilities? This is a complete crock. And I'm certainly not saying this out of jealousy as I drive a G35 with stability control, awesome sports brakes, abs, etc. and so my car would definitely fall into the performance category and thus according to above arguments give me license to speed. This is absolute nonsense.

    As for the foundation, the cause is extremely worthy but having to show it with a licence plate frame is ridiculous. Are there any stats on the rate of those with or without the frame being let off by the CHP upon being pulled over? The only way to prove they don't help with this is statistics in my view (even given that fact this wouldn't include those who aren't even pulled over because of the frames).

    Dan, I completely agree. One of the people posting said that high-performance cars can stop much faster etc. but the fact is that reaction times are no different in a better car and there is no protection against "the other guy" who is driving with a cell phone and changing the satellite radio channel while drifting into your lane. Thanks for your comments. -Jack

    Sam Anderson:

    I live in Marin and it seems that around every corner there's an 11-99 foundation car. Although I don't shun driving sweet cars, rich people shouldn't weasle out of tickets no matter what it supports. CHP's should be told not to go all soft on 11-99ers in thier training!


    It is very unfortunate that preference and discrimination still exist. But this is just another face of corruption. Is the same as corrupt officers covering up for other corrupt officer. I donate to many organizations and none of them give me a license to violate the law. This is just shameful.

    Robert Johanson:

    Where do you apply for membership for the 11 99 Foundation? On there website (www.chp1199.org) I see where you can make a donation, but it does not mention license plate frames or ID badges. I also do not see where you need to donate $1800.00 to receive the mentioned items.


    Jesus, some of you people sound like you want to kill all rich people! Anyways, we've had these license plate frames on our cars since 92 and haven't received a ticket since then. Back in 92 I didn't even have a license yet and now im the racer of the family. My parents simply donated to help out the fallen officers of the CHP. Thank God they did that since it helps me a lot =).

    p.s. I sorta agree with the driver training thing. FCCA (Ferrari Car Club of America), PCNA (Porsche Club N. America) and BMWCCNA (BMW Car Club of N. America) helped out a lot not with just racing, but with reaction times.

    Kill rich people? Who said that? Eliminate corruption, sure. Killing people... you are making that up. But thanks anyway for the anecdotal evidence that the frames are effective in reducing tickets. -Jack


    geez, alot of you resent rich people! i'm not one, but i am a car nut. i do a long commute five days a week and beleive me, most people are innattentive drivers at best. most people who spend enormous sums of money on high performance cars do so because they love to drive and typically pay more attention when they do. i'd rather ride with "rich person" in an actual sports car than a dumb-ass in an suv who's talking on the cell phone. even my not too expensive acura will drive at a hundred down i-5 in light traffic quite safely.
    if i had $1800.00 i'd gladly
    support the 11-99 foundation. not to get out of a ticket, but because i appreciate the dangerous job the chp does.

    Mike, I don't see the resentment here. I just see that people are disappointed that it appears that a quasi-governmental agency is selling get-out-of-ticket license plate frames (or at least the implication that the cop won't ticket you). Considering the price of the frame, certainly wealthier people would buy them, but it is no surprise that someone would buy them. The surprise is that they are being sold. Kind of a bad thing. Money shouldn't buy an excuse from the law - whether the law is reasonable or not. That is the basis of the rule of law. It is sad to see it eroded in any way. -Jack


    I personally have no beef with the plate holders advertising the 11-99 Fdn... if they didn't exist, how would the majority of us writing here even know about the Foundation? I googled it tonight, too. It's simply great advertising! The wallet may be a bit much, but hey, the discretion is up to the officer. Hard to argue with people going out of their way to help others. Especially families of officers who take to task on a difficult job which puts them at high risk.


    I don't care about wealthy people showing their support of a good foundation -- and if a cop factors that into his or her decision as to whether to give a ticket or not, well, so be it. What I care more about is the unbelievable SPELLING of the people writing to this site! Hey! What school you went?


    Is a license plate holder an official credential (I do not know, but don't think so). SO here is an idea for those potential entrpreneurs: Make a virtual copy of these plate holders-- call them novelty plates-- and sell them for 10$ a piece on the internet. You will be a rich man or woman... then you can donate some of your money to the real charity, put more cars on the road with the advertiding of the organisation, and keep the show offs from feeling their exclusivity. Everyone but the snobs benefit.

    Note: I think this is why a "badge" comes with the membership as well. Anyone can make a fake plate or steal one... -Jack


    I tend to agree with others on this posting that using the foundation plate-frames are a simple way to express wealth. You never notice a foundation frame on a Ford or Chevy, it's always on the big, expensive cars. Living in the bay area has shown to me that little men, with huge egos and equally huge bank accounts, will do anything and everything to show the world "Yea, im rich... and your not!" I think supporting the foundation is a great thing, but I believe that if all we were trying to accomplish was support, we could do that without the fancy frame.


    As a member for approximately four years, I have been pulled over twice. I got one speeding ticket and a warning with a suggestion that I use the cruise control. The speeding ticket was for doing 78 on the freeway and the warning was for doing 75. I am not wealthy and my license plate frame sits proudly on my Toyota Prius. I am certain that you will read what you want into my comments.


    I work on expensive, fast cars and many of my customers boast that their 11-99 plate frame stops them getting tickets. What is more a ticket for exceeding 100mph will cost a lot more than $200. In California it could mean loss of license plus insurance cancellation.


    I am in search of a 11-99 foundation frame. I can't find anything on the CHP or foundation website that gives me any info. Where can I get one? I am happy to pay for it, but I am having trouble confirming where to go to get one. Help!

    Note to Jody: To get one, you join the 11-99 foundation and they will send you one with your membership. Good thing you are happy to pay for it as it is not particularly cheap. -Jack

    Being a recently retired CHP officer that served over 30 years, I have to say "Who Cares?" First, the 11-99 guys are movers and shakers who cuddle up to the highest ranking brass on the CHP, not the ground pounders. Sure, some younger guys may be intimidated by the 11-99 credentials, but most are not. Trust me when I say there are far more of you 'regular' folks out there who get out of tickets than 11-99 members. In all my years on the road, I never stopped an 11-99 member. Yet 30%+ of my stops resulted in verbal warnings. Believe me, there are far more 'ladies' who are willing to show the cop their 'credentials' to get out of a ticket than any 11-99 member and in the end the lady gets a ticket too. The 11-99 foundation does a tremendous job of supporting the rank and file officers in a time of need. When we have an officer die in the line of duty, they immediately step up and write a check to the spouse which helps eliminate a major concern during the grieving period. I'm certain there are some members who join thinking the credentials are a 'get out of jail free card', but give credit to the guys and gals out there driving the black and whites, they are professionals and dedicated to their job to serve and protect YOU.


    The best not-getting-a-ticket-because-of-the-1199 frame story I know:

    A kid at my high school was driving 130mph on a 55 zone. His girlfriend was in the front seat, also illegal because he hadn't had his license 6 months yet. OH, and the best part? He didn't have a license PLATE in either the front or back.

    But, he DID have the 11-99 Foundation plate frame, and evidently it was enough for the cop to give him a mere warning.


    I've watched this site for quite a while, and get a kick out of some people's perceptcions. Here are some points worth making.
    1. As Chairman of the 11-99 I have received a ticket in the last 3 years. All of my predecessors received tickets during their terms. I also do not have an 11-99 frame on my license.
    2. Most officers give warnings to a large percentage of their "stops". It is perfectly within the delegated discretion for them to do so.
    3. Most members continue to donate to the Foundation after they receive their lifetime membership. Sounds pretty selfish doesn't it? There is no obligation to donate after joining, and there is no recognition given. People just do it.
    4. Does it make sense to pay several thousand dollars to join, so that you can get out of a $200 ticket?

    Note to Bob: I'm greatly heartened by the way that the 11-99 foundation has "cleaned up their act" by removing the open offers of badges and license plate frames from the site. I think that shows the integrity of your organization and am glad about it. Let me address a couple of your points:

    1) You and your predecessors seem to receive a lot of tickets. May I suggest obeying the traffic regulations? :-)

    2) I'm aware of this and have benefited from a number of kind-hearted CHP officers who have understood that a warning would be just as (or possibly more) effective than a ticket.

    4) At your current rate of infractions, the $1800 for lifetime membership would be a break-even proposition in 9 years if you consider the cost of tickets only. This does not include the time associated with dealing with tickets, paying for and attending traffic school, increased insurance costs and potential loss of license for repeat violations. Sounds like a bargain to me. :-)

    All that said, I'm glad to see that the approach of "selling" memberships with the hazy implied promise of leniency seems to be going away. If you are responsible for that, then Thank You.


    Frank Connors:

    I think I'll casually remove an "11-99" frame from a nearby exotic next time I visit my local Whole Foods supermarket... that way I can obtain the benefits without the cost.
    Ah..., but without the "Gold Card" to back it up you are busted. -Jack

    Don Riley:

    You guys make me sick... so what if the 11-99 club gets you out of a ticket.. Do you think a cop pulling over a family member, neighbor, bowling league team member of whomever, will let this person slide on a speeding ticket? or if you tip the waiter or waitress at your local coffee house.. will they provide you better service? The answer to both questions is... Yeah.. Probably!!

    So I must ask you.. whats your complaint? Is it that you think law enforcement is corrupt, or are you just jealous because you arent a member?

    First of all... All these so called "gotten out of a ticket" claims are hear say.. The only person that really knows the motive behind the warning is the police officer that issues it. So if you want to base your complaint on hear say testimony, then ask the officer for his statement...

    Over the course of my 30 years of driving, I've received a couple of verbal warnings from CHP and local PD's and its not because I can afford to donate to a worthy cause.. I just think they were nice peace officers and gave me a break..

    But if you're convinved, a license plate frame will make your crime less severe, then go out, donate and quit complaining!!


    So - I saw the Foundation frame for the first time ever today, on an exec's car where I work. Didn't know what it was, thought I'd look it up to see what kind of a nice guy this was. Found your posts.

    The car is a Porsche GT3. Occam's Razor says: I'm on Jack's side, about as plain as the nose on your face.

    Regardless of reality, the appearance of impropriety is damaging. It is a good thing that this has been mitigated. Nor is it unreasonable to think, that more than once, a feeling of empowerment held by the odd Foundation member has itself led to a tragedy.

    The cause is good, and the service that the CHP provides to us, often at their own peril, is invaluable. I hope that the Foundation, or any other organization, will steer itself away from tactics that suggest impropriety, to detriment of the image of the CHP.

    lifetime member:

    Frankly, I believe that the demographics of the membership (older, calmer, more responsible drivers) has a greater effect than the license frame. My last ticket was for 68 in a 65 ten years ago. I do my speeding when there is nobody in sight, never on the freeway. Result: no tickets, no encounters with the CHP. I don't think having an 11-99 license frame for the last 7 years made any difference.

    If you are driving dangerously, no self-respecting CHP officer will let you off. If you are speeding but safe and sober, you might get off with a warning with or without an 11-99 Foundation membership.

    What the license plate frame does is simple: it lets the officer know that you are on his side, not some psychopath who's going to shoot him. The traffic stop is less stressful for him, so naturally you are more likely to get a break _if_ your offense is minor. On the other hand, if you are obviously endangering the public, the membership could actually work against you. Either way, calling this "corruption" is quite a stretch.

    The above is merely conjecture, since I haven't been pulled over by the CHP is so very many years. I'm just speculating on how I would react to the license frame if I were on patrol.


    I think people should lighten up. Like most, I consider myself a reponsible driver. However, sometimes we get a bit careless and perhaps drive a little faster than we should, but that doesn't equate to being a reckless driver who have no regard for other's safty. I think its perfectly okay for a CHP officer to occasionally cut somone a break and let traffic violaters off on a warning. If I am a CHP officer and I am risking my life everyday out on the streets, you bet I'll be more inclined to be lenient on minor offenders who have donated sizable amount of money to a foundation that would benefit me and my family if I were ever injured on the job. We've all seen cases where a CHP officer would hide next to inconspecuious speed traps (such as a lower speed limit immediately after a sharp turn), waiting to catch unsuspecting motorists. If you were unlucky and fell into a situatoin like this, wouldn't you wish the officer would give you a break? That's exactly why I got the 11-99 foundation license plate frame. $1800 for life-time membership is really not that much. plus its for a good cause. everyone should join.


    Re: Herm's post - I don't think any real officer is going to let his guard down one bit if he sees someone with a license plate frame that may 'indicate' the occupants of a pulled-over vehicle are on 'his side' or not, that's a sure-fire way to entice a cop up to you so you can shoot him or her, IF you are into cop-killing.

    If that is true, then wouldn't ANY infraction be an enticement for cop-killing? A burnt-out taillight and expired registration would be just as effective. Personally I think if a cop sees this on a late model Mercedes 500 he is going to feel pretty much at ease. - Jack


    This is a very interesting thread that a colleague forwarded to me after realizing that I had an 11-99 license plate frame on one of my cars: a Toyota Prius. Sure, I have a 911 that I drive on the weekends here in Orange County but it has a USC Donor license plate frame because I am a very loyal alum. Funny, the 2 times I got stopped driving the weekend car I was given a warning to slow down. Perhaps the officers were relatives of Reggie Bush?

    Jack, I understand and respect your position but this is just ONE example of the many inequities in this country where privilege comes with money. I certainly can't fault you for your opinion, but I wonder what your next cause will be? There are alot of windmills to attack; and we all know life is not fair.

    Oh - I have an extra frame lying around the garage. You want it? I have the card and badge too, but I never carry them with me; always been a money clip kinda guy.....
    Thanks for the heaping helping of condescension! Come back anytime. -Jack


    It's funny how quick it is to have your mind made up about what a CHP Officer or any other officer for that matter should or shouldn't do. Half if not most of these comments posted come from disgruntle disqualified half wits how have never been in a position of authority, more over a "COP". Yet you have assumption that because of a license plate frame you will get a break, I have sympathy for you ignorant, non educated twits how believe that we live in Mexico, or Singapore where the officers can be persuaded. Lets not forget the hearsay stories which that’s all there are hearsay, who doesn't add more sauce to their tacos when telling someone else a "story" of where they fought the law and the law lost. The best solution is talk to an officer, who (keep in mind) has already made their mind up about giving a ticket prior to the vehicle coming to a full stop. I also see that most have never read up of the history, good cause, and fundamental of the 11-99 foundation. Every CHP officer that has lost their life has family out there that will forever also be changed. I support the 11-99 foundation and bottom line I am responsible for my driving actions and should be held accountable. Take time out to read on fallen heroes from the California Highway Patrol website and you will see that a majority of fallen officer are not because of a gun battle, but careless drivers who believe they own the road. These vehicles that can easily go over 100mph well there’s a place and a designated areas for that type of showboating; the highways is not part of it. Should the drivers been killed and not the officers then it would justice served. I should also mention that I have an 11-99 frame on my 89 jeep wrangler, and a KA4993 on my other vehicle a sign of wealth; I don't think so let’s call it support.


    #1 lisense plate frame to steal off one car and put on another. You dont have to donate to own one.


    The $1800 membership figure is way out of date. It was a minimum of $5000 back in late 2005 and upwards of $20,000 depending on the level you wished to contribute at.

    Lamont Cranston:

    I can totally vouch for the culture of corruption these plates create. Here's my story.

    I bought my 11-99 plates about two years ago. I never got a ticket since, even though I drive a red Porsche and go pretty fast all of the time. I routinely drive 80+ right through CHP radar traps.

    I was at an office party last year and I had a few too many. I thought it was ok because a co-worker said he'd drive me home and he wasn't drinking. It turned out that he bailed out early and forgot about me. Meanwhile I needed to get home to the wife so I thought I'd chance it.

    I was zipping along the 101 at my usual clip and doing a fair amount of weaving through what was fairly heavy traffic. At that point I saw the red light in the rear-view and pulled over. The CHP officer first apologized for pulling me over, but said he "had no choice". You see, apparently I had cut off a car a few miles back caused an accident, and there were injuries (I was actually pretty drunk so I didn't even see the it). The officer asked for my license and registration, at which point I produced my 11-99 badge. He said this was pretty serious, so I should really slow down when I drive drunk like this. He also asked me never to relate this story since he could get in a lot of trouble. I drove off without even a ticket.


    I love the Internet. The story above is all complete bullshit. I don't have the money to buy $2000 license plate holders, I don't own a Porsche, and I've never driven drunk. I'm just an envious guy that wants to add to this "debate" here and make sure that other people can't have what I can't afford. If there's an anti-nicer-car-than-mine-is blog out there somewhere, I think I'll weigh in on that one too and make up another story about how they are all dangerous and kill the environment.

    *** ***

    Of course that's bullshit too. But I'm making some points about and the spirit behind many of these posts, and how you shouldn't believe anything you read on the Internet.

    As for these plates, we all know what they are for and what the deal is. You help a lot of very needy people in exchange for the freedom to not be caught in another 76-in-a-65 radar trap.

    If you ask any insurance company that runs the numbers, they will tell you in no uncertain terms that wealthier people with nicer cars that drive a little higher than the speed limit some of the time are NOT the people causing accidents. Far from it. Unfortunatly they don't have the ability to be that clever about how they structure their rates, so the rule just applies to anybody that gets a speeding ticket no matter what. Same goes for the license suspension thing.

    If only somebody ran a study for the accidents caused by cars with 11-99 plates. We all know it would be close to zero. Cutting this privilege out of the world of freedom isn't going to accomplish anything.

    I'm not going to engage in the other bullshit that some others have engaged in here either. The reason why most (not all) people buy these things is to get out of speeding tickets. Cut that out of the picture, and all you are left with is less money for widows orphans of CHP officers, and less qualified recruits joining the CHP because it's one less benefit they get. That in turn will make our roads more dangerous. Bravo.

    You will, however, make a few rich guys angry. For many, unfortunately, more dangerous roads and the suffering of widows and orphans is worth the trade-off.



    I am so tired of hearing how the CHP are out to save the world and help us. Maybe they just like to drive fast and carry guns. Maybe it is just a power trip. Has anyone heard of the corruption of the CHP? It has a name now and is called the "Chiefs Disease"? (Google it) They are going out on disability in the last year of work and collecting big time from the state. What about the motor officers that take their bikes home and at the end of shift, while off duty, travel at more than 20 over the limit. Please give me a break and stop telling me that you are saving me from something. How about the escorted Lambo Club runs down the freeways at 100? Donations have nothing to do with that…right? I have been on those runs and money talks.

    Buy a cop…$1800. The CHP and the top brass have lost their creditability.


    I personally think most people are ignorant about people with 11-99 plates. All of my fathers best friends and hook ups were CHP officers, I don't really want to play the violin for them or their jobs because they choose to put their lives in danger everyday, and to donate $1800 is a little price to pay for most people living in California to support all the men and women on our highways that put themselves in danger. Not to mention they help out with tickets or certain situation you may run into with CHP officers and/or most police officers since they see you are willing to help their causes.
    - Gina, Hillsborough,CA


    Really? The fees went up? I just starting was $1800 regardless.....


    Police and fire personnel observing (and being paid for)this kind of "professional courtesy" might have been understandable (not right) in the days when they made relatively small wages, circa the early twentieth century, but given the handsome salaries (recent instances of fire personnel grossing over $120-$150k per year and police start at $70k and move to $100k over three to five years) they are being paid today, if you choose to go into this line of work and have a family then you'd think you'd have the sense to buy a healthy amount of life insurance to take care of your family if something were to happen to you, instead of relying on collecting what we now understand to be questionably earned funds from the CHP 11-99 Foundation.

    Fred R. Yaekle:

    I would like more information on joining your organation.

    Thank You:

    Fred R. Yaekle


    I am a valet driver at a four star restaurant in the bay area and well I see a lot of nice cars which is awesome because I am car enthusiast. But when I started to valet I noticed that on some of the cars, and only the nicer cars, they had a license plate border that read “CHP 11-99 Foundation.” Right away I was asking questions of why are these plates only on nicer cars and secondly why is “CHP” printed on their. I then started to notice these plates on the road and my suspicions grew when the fact that the cars carrying these were only pricier vehicles. Finally I had to ask an individual I knew that had one of these on his cars which is again a 2006 7 series BMW and he told me he had got it because he donated some money to the CHP. He then said he had given the money for the plate which had come in handy. He then explained one instance where it saved him. He said he was going over 90 mph on highway 85 in San Jose and he saw a cop pull up behind him and lag behind for a bit then proceeded to drive to his left side. The gentlemen then of course started to slow down knowing that he was probably going to get pulled over but instead the cop just gave him an arm single to slow down his speed. The CHP officer then just kept on driving and my friend told me he then understood what a wise investment he had made. So in my opinion it’s pretty obvious that the CHP know exactly how to get donations. And also the people that buy them are not stupid either and know exactly what there getting out of it. So you if you’re really pissed about this then either lobby to have the license plates be made illegal. Or go to your local mall and have an identical made for you for about 50 bucks.


    When i was 26 years old i bought a 1973 pantera and had a license frame that said "who says crime doesn't pay?". I got the idea from watching the TV show "Baretta". The first ticket i got was for doing 60 in a 55. At stop lights I could see the officer behind me calling in. Within a year I lost my license, the car and my age had a lot to contribute, but the license frame was clearly a bust. It is hard to believe the opposite would not be true.

    Scott Hartman:

    Good day,

    The issue for me isn't the economics or safety of performance cars. The issue is the appearance of corruption.

    I have worked with non-profit groups for many years and if I had been on the board of the 11-99 Foundation I never would have approved that license plate frame and a wallet with a badge in it. Even if some officers and supporters say that it makes no difference in getting tickets, some people will give the money because it appears there will be tit for tat and to the public it appear that this is the case - and only a simpleton would imagine that it made no difference if you get pulled over.

    It also seems suspicious because the of the wording on the frame. '11-99 Foundation member' hardly seems like a message from a charitble organization that is looking for sponsors. It seems more like a secret message. If they wanted to use the frame to garner support they should have worded the frame that way.

    Call your local museum, public TV station or symphony and ask what it will cost you to get one of their license frames. I bet it won't be $1800.

    At best this is bad judgement and at worst a cynical attempt to get donations or influence the law.


    It's the same as the old days when donating to the county Sherriff's office, put the bumper sticker on your family car, and you're less likely to be pulled over.

    But the 11-99 org seems to be an A-holes way of buying off the right to pull illegal and dangerous traffic maneuvers that the rest of us can't do. It's as if 'if you're rich enough to afford the entrance-fee, then go right ahead and cut people off, and drive way too fast'!!!



    i would like to know where to get one...i have a highly modified 05 subaru that is well over 400 hp to all 4 wheels... i drive on the street and i desperatly need one, so what if i never know if the plate and card saved me but i beats having me open my hood and get much more than a speeding ticket. lol...i love the thrill of "spirited" driving. and why not take every advantage of something. i am sure most people do in life. and as soon as i have enough money i will gladly buy one, 1800 is far less than i was planning to pay. (5000) as i was told by some people. good luck to all of you who are trying to get one. :) and to everyone else, stop crying about it! living in so cal is great, espicially due to the higher volume of fast cars you can find to race and make your normal day thriling. hahaha


    This is so interesting. I'm 17 years old and have always wondered what the CHP 11-99 foundation is. I live in santa monica and frequently go to Malibu, and i always notice these gorgeous cars, usually very expenisive mercedes, bentley's, Range Rovers..ect. with this lisence place holder. I had no idea what it meant, honestly i thought is was like a "rich people group" or something, so finally today i had enough, i saw a bentley with the lisence plate holder and i decided to do some reaserch. I think the wealthy often overlook the purpose of the CHP 11-99 foundation and merely donate to get the lisence plate holders.

    Jeff Wilson:

    Well, I just saw my first plate today on a Fancy new Rolls sports car......they were not speeding. Ok, so it was down town Palm Springs. I pulled up to take a look inside and saw that every freakin window was blacked out.
    Say, isn't that against the ....... oh nevermind!

    Timothy Smith:

    I had a similar situation to the 1st poster. I was doing almost 90, got pulled over (without the 11-99 frame). After showing the officer my license and insurance he said the same thing...I can give you a ticket or a warning. I only give one warning a day. Do you want it?? I said "yes, please". He told me to slow down and be safe. They can be cool without seeing the holder, too.


    Well, I think I'm a gonna get me a nice new frame to put on the back of my beater Ford Ranger! Goodness knows my insurance is ready to drop me since I keep getting tickets, and $1800 a year is a whole hecka-lot cheaper than losing my license! Oh, yeah, and the break on taxes'll help a bunch too, since I'm middle class and paying fully 20% of my income to taxes anyway...


    Blah, blah, Blog. Um, uh, well, is this about corruption or economics; or both? Perhaps it is about the economics of corruption...? While it is unclear which direction these comments are headed, the subject of your article is clear - the display of corruption is offensive and the offense is augmented when the display is related to a supposed 'good cause'. I understand your point and even agree that it is offensive on first impact. But putting aside impulsive thinking and replacing it with all-things-considered thinking makes your point a quantum leap in real-time logic.
    Welcome to Earth, now go home. And remember to drive safely because that is what matters. And save the corruption arguments and thoughts for topics that deserve it. I find it offensive that someone would dis' a program whose benefits FAR outweigh a POSSIBLE 'insider benefit'.
    And, if your inner child is still bothered by the other kid's bigger shovel which fills his pail faster, I would suggest, since we're all grown up now, buying your inner child a bigger shovel (get a better education or a higher paying job or move to a socialist country.)

    BTW:I spent most of my 20's incarcerated for something I didn't do. However, the CHP said I did and, after a fair amount of exaggerated and imagined testimony by CHP officers, I wound up a convicted felon and lost out on many of my younger years. My point here is that I have many reasons to point and blame and call 'foul' on the CHP. Ultimately, though, I am unable to do so. Despite the atrocity of my situation I cannot ignore the overall picture: the CHP is an outstanding and effective law enforcement agency. Your article certainly is attractive in a 'mob rules' sense but really is just silly fodder. And you can 'quote me on that'.

    All right 'Tim' I quoted you on that, but I'm not sure quite where you were going with that move to a socialist country bit.. was it the beer speaking? -Jack


    For the pragmatist, it can be helpful to remember that most non profit donations can be a tax deduction where as most moving citations are not tax deductible.

    Come on:

    I live in palo alto, near sand hill road, and I see this on cars all the time. And yes, they are only on fast, nice cars. Now, one wonders, given that these people probably support a LOT of charitable organizations, why do they choose 11-99 as their plate-holder of choice? why not their "Stanford alumni" plateholder? it doesn't add up... no one is THAT proud of supporting highway patrolmen, particularly the wealthy republicans who vote to slash police budgets anyways.


    If it were only that easy. I would rather donate $1800 to CHP officers families, that pay the Courts. Who knows where THAT money really goes!

    By the way, I don't speed often. I'm usually the guy you show is #1, as you go by. Have a nice day. ;)


    So, has anybody joined recently? Did you get the frame and badge? The site now claims that "no goods or services will be provided in response to any donations made online via this Web site"... Does that mean that no new frames are issued?


    Like many of the folks who have posted on this blog I've never seen one of these plate frames until today, so I made it a point to come home and check it out on the internet. I wasn't surprised to find out this was what it was all about. I passed a gentleman driving a big black Mercedes SLC500 headed up the 405 Freeway this afternoon sporting this plate frame, although he wasn't breaking any speed laws as I passed his car he was taking a sip from his Miller High Life. Being a good citizen I was wondering, should I take his plate # and report him? Would it have done any good?


    I came across this article when surfing the 'net and I wanted to help dispel some of the myths that go with the plate frame. I have a friend who has this frame, and for the record, it is DEFINITELY NOT a "get out of jail free" card.

    It's more of a "get out of minor infractions free" card.

    To elaborate on this a bit: My friend received the plate in the mail and proceeded to drive as though he was granted total immunity from prosecution. Not long after, he was pulled over on Southbound 280 near Woodside, CA for going in excess of 100 MPH and reckless driving. Feeling that there was no way he was going to wind up a ticket, he flashes the badge in his wallet to the CHP officer and says "Didn't you see my license plate frame?" To which the officer replied, "I sure did. That doesn't excuse you from driving like an idiot." and proceeded to throw the book at 'em. Excessive speed, reckless driving, 40 miles over the speed limit, etc etc.

    And to add proof to this, I asked a couple of friends of mine about this. One who's on the SFPD replied, "I guess it would be an individual thing. I personally don't give a s**t about 11-99 or KA-#### plate frames, POA stickers or the like. I've never cut a break because of one." and another that's on the CHP, "If its a serious enough offense, and the 11-99 member flashes his 1199 membership ID, I take it and send it to the foundation. They'll keep it and give them back ALL donations they've EVER made. 1199 doesn't need people like that as members."

    So there you go. Definitely not a permit to drive like a jackass. In my opinion, it *may* sway the intent of the officer pulling you over for a MINOR infraction to just let you go with a warning. Other than that, you're treated just like any other citizen.

    Ken J:

    Quite a few of my neighbors in Newport Beach have 11-99 Plates -- nice older guys with hot cars. After many years, I've finally been able to join their club and drive an Aston Martin

    When there's that rare gap in traffic, it's fun to let the car howl a bit. While it's stupid, it feels good.

    Even though I've had no traffic tickets for 15 years, 11-99 looks like a prudent contribution to me.

    I hope that the plate and badge actually get me a little break when I cruise a bit.

    I'll let you know what happens.


    I just moved to Westlake Village from PA and noticed quite a few cars in the area bearing the 11-99 Foundation plate holders...thought that was one of the local country clubs or associations. I googled this information and was led to this informative blog.

    Well, better spend $1800 for a good cause rather than paying for $2500 per plate for a photo-op with a president wannabe. I guess this is one place where the Democrats and Republicans are united!

    Randy P.:

    Most people who belong to 11-99 do so because it's a very worthy cause, and displaying the license plate frame helps promote the organization, and frankly it is getting trendy - but so what?

    I haven't even been pulled over since about 1980 (and have had many exotic cars,) but I've recently inquired about joining the Commissioner's Circle, which is $10K per year for minimum five years. I sure don't need to spend that much just to get the frame and membership card, and I don't need an incentive to get out of tickets because I just don't get them. But I'll feel good about myself, and the special frame will be a cool bonus.

    The reason you see the frame mostly on expensive cars is because folks with enough money to drive those cars are *much* more likely to be able to support causes like this than someone who drives an economy car.

    I think people who criticize this foundation and the displaying of their plate frames should take a look at themselves, and when was the last time they gave thousands of dollars to help support the families of fallen officers, soldiers, firefighters, or the like. I suspect the answer will almost always be "never."

    Bob Weisz:

    I retired this year after 34 years on LAPD. I retired as a sergeant in a traffic division. One day I was on the 101 freeway and observed a Ferrari speeding. I clocked him 90/55. The only way I caught up with him (I was driving a Ford Crown Victoria) was he got slowed down by traffic.
    When I pulled him over he told me that he owns a large business that gives ery generously to the Police/Celebrity golf tournament which is LAPD's version of the CHP's 11-99. When he realized that I was still going to write him, he dropped a name of an LAPD sergeant he knew, thinking that would put fear in me. I told him I was also a sergeant and I was not impressed and to sign the citation.


    Hey, my parents are relatively rich bitches and all of our cars have these plates slapped on them. I just wanted to say they don't always "work", and I'm proof. Once, my 17-year-old self was kicked out of a party, and everyone was forced to flee (although a handful of girls, including myself, were supposed to spend the night). We decided to move the car, lay low until the cops left, and then go back. Well, as I was moving the car to the street, I got pulled over. After blowing a .05 on a breathalizer, my driving privalidges were taken away. This happened January '07 and I can't drive until February '07. This is not a sob story, this is a "11-99 Foundation License Plate Frames are often ineffective" story.


    I worked at Grigs racing and about half of the cars had 11 99 plate holders


    I think the idea and purpose of the 11-99 Foundation are great. And it's perfectly fine and lovely for the foundation to provide a thank you gift to people who donate generously. But our public officials (whether city council member, firefighters, or police officers) hold a special public trust, and should take reasonable precautions to avoid even the appearance of giving favor to one person over another (especially where one person gives money to the public official, for example through a charity).

    It doesn't really matter whether having the 11-99 license frame actually results in being let off the hook. (Based on the many anecdotes in this chain of postings, it seems like a mixed bag; sometimes they let you go, and sometimes they don't.) What matters is that a good part of the population thinks that by giving money to the foundation, you have a better chance of being given a break when you are caught breaking the law.

    If the foundation really were interested in retaining the public's trust, they should give thank you gifts that aren't readily visible or presentable to CHP officers at the time of a violation. Instead of a license frame or a wallet that contains a special badge next to my ID that the officer will ask for, how about giving the donor a tote bag, or a calendar with profiles of the good work that the foundation does, or some other item that doesn't tell an officer, right off the bat, that this person gave money to an organization that helps the officer and his colleagues and their families in times of need.

    Bottom line: Great foundation, great purpose, poor judgment in terms of rewarding its donors (especially poor judgment given that the foundation should respect the public trust and not invite speculation that bribery is at play).

    So Cal Driver:

    Just had to vent this AM. I am all for charitible giving and supporting those in need, and I am sure the 11-99 Foundation is a great organization. But some of the folks they have issued the license plate frames to are just plain idiots. If they feel they can put other drivers in danger becasue they feel "protected" then the CHP is doing all of us a diservice. Case in point, I witnessed two separate incidents on the Northbound 405 this am. Both involved vehicles driving not only over the speed limit (which I am guilty of), but driving too fast for the conditions, tailgating, unsafe lane changes, etc. One of the cars was a blacked out BMW M5 with illegally tinted front windshields and blacked out rear tailights. Both of the drivers had little regard for the rest of us as they proceeded to drive as if they owned the road. I witness this everyday, but this AM I just happened to see these two idiots drive as if they had free passes.


    Thanks for posting the info on 11-99 and the thread. What a riot reading the "It ain't a scam" posts...and the "I drove like a total tool and got a ticket, so it ain't a scam" posts...and the "Just because someone owns an $80K sports car you shouldn't presume they are inclined to speed" posts...ROTFL It all comes down to one simple fact: If 11-99 didn't want CHP to look like a corrupt party in a cheesy scam, then they wouldn't give away traffic-stop related hardware...NOW WOULD THEY??!! Clearly the perceived value of having this toy badge and the obvious "DON'T TICKET ME" license plate holder are high enough that 11-99 and CHP are willing to let this subtle scam go on.


    I ride a motorcycle - every day. I use it to commute. I cover 24 thousand miles a year on a bike. I have 32 years riding experience and consider myself a very safe and sensible rider. Late last year I was commuting to work along the 405 southbound. The trafic slowed and I proceeded with caution to split (legal in CA). A prius driver I am approaching looks up and sees me coming in his mirror then swerves at me as I approach his vehicle. I swerve but I am too close to avoid contact and any further diversion will put me into the cars in the adjacent lane. We collide and he gets his mirror damaged. I flag him over and instruct him to call 911 - I am furious as he could well have killed me. An officer turns up and after speaking to him individually, the guy in the prius drives away. Then the officer comes to speak with me. Apparently neither of us are to blame but he tells me theres no way to prove that he tried to kill me without a witness and I should just let it go. Ah well, at least I'm alive and able to tell the story. Maybe it would have been a different story if the prius didn't have 99-11 foundation plates.......

    Lord Shredder:

    I see these license plates all the time. I see these comments from greedy ego-maniacal rich people making excuses. But in short, it is truly buy-a-cop. If you can't afford the $1800 to pay off cops, you're screwed. (Although I do believe there are some cops who won't turn a blind eye, as the cop stated in a comment above -- but honest, good CHP officers aren't the usual).
    Honestly, I could afford the donation, but I'd give my money to a real charity -- like the AIDS ride, St Jude's Children's Hospital, SF Zoo Research, etc, rather than to some hurt-ego CHP who took the job since they didn't have a GPA to get into college and get a real job. My tax dollars are ALREADY paying for their benefits. Education funds are getting cut, but the CHP is constantly hiring. Commendable cops are your Sheriff's and city police, who actually do investigations, and catch hardened criminals. CHP are merely revenue officers.


    Yeah dude, I just had a frame made at my local custom licence plate kiosk at the mall. I put it on my 2006 Chevy Aveo. It says "Member 4-20 Foundation." I never get pulled over.


    This is my reply for almost_killed:
    Tell me where you think a bank robber goes when he's robbed a bank or a killer goes when he's leaving town after he's committed a murder. The highway!! You might want to do some research on death rates for CHP officers and what they face on a day to day basis before you just spout off. A real charity?? AIDS ride is a real charity? I'm guessing by your comments your a typical left wing liberal fighting for equal right for you and your gay buddies. Just a guess.


    I hate to brake it to all of you. I have an 11/99 membership and i still got a ticket from CHP 2 months ago.... so much for 1800$!

    puc your chp:

    you guys are a bunch off asshats

    Caroline Ford:

    One of these license plates was parked outside of our condominium building blocking our driveway to underground parking in Westwood (Los Angeles) in blatant violation of the law this evening, May 19 2008. None of the residents could come in or out. This included a UCLA kidney specialist medical doctor who was on emergency call. He made an emergency plea to the Dept. of Transportation. After two hours of pleading the uncooperative LA Dept of Transportation finally impounded the car, which was a Cadillac. This is disgraceful and appalling and this organization should be ashamed and put out of existence. I am going to take this up as a cause, mark my words!


    If I donated $1800 to a charity, I would expect some consideration for my donation. Otherwise, If not, another charity would get my donation the next year.

    I've been driving for over 45 years and can say I never got a ticket I did not deserve. Regardless of what you may think of the law enforcement community they perform a thankless service. I am however starting up my own program with plates, dash plaques and I.D. cards. I'm calling it the "51-50 Foundation" (even have a website).
    I'm sure it will not get me out of a ticket but I do plan to have a tape recorder ready for the next time I get pulled over by the CHP.


    My husband is a CHP officer and I know for a fact that he has given tickets to people who have those licence plate frames. Charity is suppose to be about helping people and not expecting anything back! Especially not a way out when you put other people in danger by driving over 100 mph. If you plan to donate to 11-99 just to avoid following rules that are in place to guarantee public safety, you must not know anybody who got hurt because of selfish people like you.


    I am a member of the chp 11-99 foundation and have been for about 2 years. The 11-99 foundation is NOT corrupt. I got pulled over just yesterday for going 90 in a 65 and i felt like i deserved it. The license plate frame is not a get out of jail for free card, its a recognition that you care and donated to this foundation.


    Didn't think much of the story I'm about to tell, till recently when I saw a 600sl Mercedes fly by me on Wilshire Blvd in LA.

    It was about 3 years ago I met a man who is sole heir to the Wrigley's fortune. They estimated it somewhere in the neighborhood of $800m. He pulled out his 11-99 foundation badge and told the story of his new purple Lotus. He was doing 150 on the toll road when he says the police pulled him over. After looking at his license, the police officer gave him his wallet back and told him to "have fun" and let him go.

    The guy was adamant that we all get one so we don't have to worry about "cops giving ya tickets"...

    The website says the money is used to fund CHP relatives education via scholarships, which is great, but it also seems to create an above the law mentality at the same time. What an interesting foundation indeed.


    Try touching on the fact that the people who have $1800 for a donation are in the same income group as the people who have the disposable income to buy fancy cars. One sides journalism is called sensationalism.

    Correlation does not imply causality as you point out, but actually the car is unimportant in this case. The only connection is between the license plate frame and the money donated as well as the badge and wallet card. Reading without thinking is called misunderstanding. -Jack


    In order to receive the plate frames, donations must be a minimum of $5,000.00


    As an officer, I have cited more "11-99" members than I care to remember. Some do attempt to use their membership status (or their CLAIM of membership) to get out of a citation. But after all, you can buy these license plate frames on ebay...so I take them with alot of skepticism. Of those legit members I have cited, there was only one that has such a poor attitude regarding the whole situation that I acutally got his membership tossed by the organization. So please do not pass judgement. I have to hope most people that join do so for the right reasons.

    7-year member:

    We made a donation to 11-99 shortly after 9/11/01. My wife and I realized we were taking for granted to police and firefighters who protect us. As for your comment that these frames appear only on luxury cars, we display ours proudly on our VW station wagon and my old chevy truck.

    To the question about why people feel the need to put the frame on the car in the first place... for the same reason you put your "UCLA Alumni" or "SF 49er's" on yours- to show what you support for an organization I believe in. The frame on my car has prompted a few people to ask me about the foundation, and I get to explain it's purpose- to benfit the families of CHP officers. What makes that different than you chatting about your alma matter?

    I was recently pulled while riding a friend's motorcycle-- and travelling above the speed limit. I was out of state, and wasn't carrying any 11-99 materials with me. I didn't get a ticket. Why? Perhaps because, in my 40's I've figured out how to be respectful to an officer, put him at ease, and be genuinely appologetic. I'm sure it helped that I was in full safety gear (leathers, helmet, boots, gloves), but the key is don't act like a jerk. If you're looking to spend $5000 to avoid the ticket, There are plenty of good books on how to avoid a ticket. Buy one, read it, live it. Much better investment if you are measuring return for $ spent.

    The CHP 11-99 Foundation exists to provide emergency and death Benefits and Scholarships to eligible CHP family members.

    The members of the CHP 11-99 Foundation's Board of Directors abolished the provision of metal ID cards and ID card wallets to all donors, effective September 1, 2008.

    Currently, in response to illegal sales of the 11-99 Foundation's trademark-protected license-plate frames, the members of the Board are considering abolishing the distribution of new license-plate frames and considering a recall of frames currently in circulation.

    For a more complete explanation of the rationale for these discussions and actions, please see www.chp11-99.org.


    Edward Trickey


    @puc your chp:
    If the offending vehicle was on HOA common area property,
    then likely any board member could be rounded up to call
    a tow truck without financial repurcussion. If on the
    street, then yeah, local gendarmes would have to intervene.

    bob takle:

    After moving to Montana and still being a lifetime member of 11-99for many years(badge # 2089) its too bad so many newbies and wanta bees are not in to the real reasons for such a charitable organization. I have been to dinners in years past and had officers come up to me and sit down and say "thank you " for your concern for us.That means more to me than wether I "get out of a ticket" or not. Grow up, you punks. A CHP job is very dangerous and stuff happens. Help them out for the real reasons.

    Hello Officer:

    Always amazes me how people will make up anything for a little attention albeit virtual stories for virtual attention... Well at least I found your little anecdote amusing. To think that you actually thought the surround got you a warning is as funny as the people who will pay over $1000 dollars for one on eBay...save your money for your next citation when you are driving like an idiot and you wake from your dream/fantasy to find that a real CHP officer is leading you to the back seat of his cruiser and having your precious car towed to impound. Oh, and Have a Nice Day.

    In an effort to end illicit online sales of its iconic license-plate frames, the CHP 11-99 Foundation’s board of directors has voted to stop issuing the frames to new donors, effective no later than January 1, 2009.

    The foundation, which provides scholarships and hardship support to the families of the California Highway Patrol, also is considering how best to address the status of the frames inscribed “Member 11-99 Foundation” and “Member CHP 11-99 Foundation” that already have been issued the past 25 years.

    “We’ve been struggling as a board for some time on how best to control these illegal sales,” said John Schroeder, the foundation’s board chairman. “We’ve had only modest success, at best, working with online auction and enthusiast sites, so the board decided it was time to get out of the business of issuing these frames to new donors.”

    Several thousand of the frames have been distributed over the years, and have been an effective marketing and awareness tool. The foundation has trademarked its name, and thus the frames, and explicitly retains ownership of the frames after they're given to donors.

    By retaining ownership, the foundation keeps legal standing if donors abuse their affiliation, such as by trying to influence law-enforcement officials, said Schroeder. When notified of abuse attempts, the foundation revokes the donor's association with the organization and requires the license-plate frames to be returned.

    But the rise of online auction and driving-enthusiast sites has created a secondary market for the frames among people who aren’t connected with the organization and haven’t passed a background check, referrals and the foundation’s other screening efforts.

    "We don't want the 11-99 Foundation to suffer because misguided individuals try to take advantage of the license-plate frames, hoping they can inappropriately influence a law enforcement officer,” said Scott Siegel, the board’s vice chairman. “That is not what the frames represent. Historically, they have been distributed to donors to positively promote the 11-99 Foundation’s good and important work, providing emergency and death benefits and scholarships to the CHP family. Our donors know and honor this, but others may not."

    Requests to take down online sale offerings often are ignored, or subject to cumbersome, time-consuming processes that can’t effectively halt a sale from going through.

    eBay, for instance, has created an automated take-down process for illegal sales on its site, but that process only covers counterfeit goods, not genuine items such as the 11-99 Foundation’s license-plate frames.

    Instead, eBay requires the foundation to file a stolen-goods report with an appropriate local law-enforcement agency, then provide that report to eBay for further action. Without even that process available at other sites, the foundation is forced to resort to legal threats against each individual seller.

    The foundation will continue trying to develop a simpler, more automated process for taking down illegal sales, Schroeder said. But with eBay’s recent landmark court victory against Tiffany over legal liability in counterfeit sales, sites may have even less motivation to cooperate than previously.

    As a result of the board’s decision, new donors no longer will receive license-plate frames as of the start of 2009. The board also directed foundation staff to more aggressively pursue all illegal sales of the foundation’s license-plate frames and develop a program to address the status of all license-plate frames currently in circulation that is “reasonable, fair, equitable, respectful of our donors and economically feasible.”

    "These actions are being taken to eliminate the supply of frames available for online sales and counter the argument that the frames offered for sale online are genuine,” said foundation President and CEO Edward Trickey. “This has become an urgent matter: the protection of the 11-99 Foundation's marks and good name are at stake." See http://www.chp11-99.org/news/news_show.htm?doc_id=705141.


    You are right these people have "paid off' the cops. It's simple and obvious elitism. This organization has a "rally" where exotic car- owning members get to speed on public roads aided-oops, ESCORTED by guess who CHP's. I own an old ferrari (passed down to me by my father) with no 11-99 pig-payoff plate, and another fast car. I have been ticketed twice in the ferrari for 19mph over on highways with no other traffic in sight. these cost me over $200.00 each. I have also been pulled over by cops for no reason whatsoever, then had them make up stuff/ lie , whatever you like to call it. I have seen other ferrari owners on ferrari chat brag of doing 90 or even 100 and "getting off" with one of these plates and a "kind word". I think the highway speed limits are a little too low, coupled with CHP not enforcing proper lane habits and passing courtesy and maybe we could all get where we want to be safely. So now in this economy I can't afford the ticket, I just grumble and drive the limit or traffic speed and when the cops see me they grumble and grimace too! It may be boring but but I would rather pay for the gas to keep driving than the ticket!


    This was supposed to be about Lic plates holders, but now you are throwing the CHP officers into this, so here I go......

    I did throw CHP officers into this? When?

    Are CHP officers without College or University education?, Do they joined because they couldn't find any other job?
    You would be surprised at the level of education we have.

    1.- Dare you to at least attempt to join the CHP.
    (only 5% who apply make it to the Academy, the background check and testing procedure is so brutal) not your typical Joe Blow can join.

    3.- Do we make good money? You bet, after 13 years of service my gross income for 2008 will be over 120 K (with overtime).

    4.- We joined to be public servants and love it, but we get abused by motorists everyday, oh well, goes with the territory, but I won't change my job for nothing.

    5.- Officers get killed on patrol while trying to maintaint some sort of order and peace in CALIFORNIA.
    SOMEONE has to do it, I bet you that 95% of the people posting here don't have the balls to do it.

    6.- Take home motorcycles?, you bet, I ride a BMW and live 47 miles from downtown Los Angeles. (policy is 60 miles radius), but guess what, during our commute to and from work, we stop violators and assist on traffic collisions or any incident eventhough we are not officially "on the clock yet". I love being a motorCOP.

    7.- So far 11-99 Foundations member contacts :
    4 tickets, 2 warnings and 1 revocation of membership. Out of jail card? I don't think so.

    8.- Politicians, foreing dignataries, movie stars, rich folks, regular folks, 11-99 foundation members, etc, etc. being arrested and booked in jail for DUI (driving under the influence) lots and lots.

    We are not machines, we are humans just like you, with all the possitive attributes and flaws.

    The Military and Law Enforcement are the last bastion for a moral society.

    Go out there, plant a tree, buy yourself an expensive foreing car, take your kids to the circus or sit in front of the computer to blog and facelessly bitch about your life. At the end, WHO CARES.

    I don't think I was bitching about life. Just pointing out that the old 11-99 policy didn't look very good. And you know what? They apparently agreed with me and changed it. Great.


    "If necessary, lay down my life..."


    But dont worry, we will be out there when in need or peril and will treat you the same as if black or white, yellow or brown, tall or short, fat or skinny, male or female, young or old, poor or rich, 11-99 foundation member license plate holder or NOT.

    And Mick, your post is right on the money. As we say in court, the truth has two sides.
    Thanks to all who support the CHP and Law enforcement and my prayers to all the military families who have love ones deployed overseas.

    To the anonymous person who posted this, I mean no disrespect to any officers or anyone who is doing their job. My point was that the way 11-99 foundation was being promoted gave the appearance of corruption. They have changed the way they promote the foundation so I no longer have any issues with it at all. -Jack


    This wasn't a reply to you Jack, this is to all the other people who got Officers involved in this mess.
    Thanks for opening this forum and lets us hear all sides.


    Francis Aman:

    There seems to be a lot jumping to conclusions going on here. Or at least reading what you want to into someone's post. I am reading that many feel as I do that the CHP have a job that I would not want to do and feel any charity that does good for them is a good thing. As many people point out, however, including those who may or may not be officers who have posted, there exists a degree of discretion in many traffic stops. The concern being raised here is whether this particular organization is creating an unnaturally weighting in favor of the "stopee" that would not otherwise exist, or that would exist for those of us who donate to police causes in ways that do not involve license plate holders and wallet badges. For me the wallet badge is highly suspect that some sort of favor is implied with the donation (not that it will be received, but that it is a "selling point" of donation.)

    As for those who are whining about not being able to let their pure bred high performance cars run wild - you knew the stats of the car and the speed limit when you made the purchase. You likely aren't as good a driver as you think you are (all these claims of safety of high performance cars vs. dolts in sedans on cell phones are not accurate to my daily commute - I see the high performance tools weaving in and out of traffic, often while multitasking.) The car is only as good as the driver and is further limited by the surrounding drivers. And if you really want to let your baby run, do as I do and take her to the track.

    We do not hate (or want to kill) rich people. We simply take issue with the ability to buy favor, especially when that favor is of the legal variety. No, life is not fair, but that doesn't mean we can't try to correct inequality.

    The 11-99 plates I have seen have (they are rampant in the SF Bay Area) make no mention of CHP on them. If it is really about supporting the cause, why not mention the CHP like the plate in the photo?

    And to the Eric the angry who posted above - you forgot our firefighters in your last bastion for a moral society.

    Oscar Obando:

    Hey any of U rich guys who like 2 donate money give me 1 of thos license frames wit registration n all?

    I take any kind of donations.

    Happy Holidays....

    Speeding tickets are bullshit. Whenever someone speeds, the cop who catches him also speeds to give him the ticket. Thus the cop's also endangering lives, but the cops are always let off the ticket because "they're enforcing the law." But other than drunks, the cops are some of the worst troublemakers out there, always pointing guns at peopele, attacking them in their homes (sometimes shooting them to death when they try to defend themselves, during no-knock warrants), telling them how to live (drug policy, oppression of urban blacks), getting revenue from people (via speeding tickets), and generally fighting all sorts of wars that needlessly endanger society. People generally defend cops saying "we need to respect the rule of law," well guess what they're not impartially enforcing laws, they pick and choose the laws they want to create maximum damage for others and profit for themselves, just like most organizations in the U.S.


    I posted this on another board, but felt it was relevent. The orginal poster asked if the 11-99 foundation plates "gets you out of tickets", my reply was the following.

    The 11-99 foundation no longer issues plates. Half of all the plates in LA are fake. It does not stop you from getting a ticket. I am a member and have contributed much to the organization over the last few years however, I have in fact been issued tickets for speeding and in one case in my own opinion harassed by one CHP officer for nothing more than window tint and no front plate, not even speeding and given a ticket. You donate because it is a good cause and the CHP work hard.The problem is that many CHP officers are not aware of what the foundation really does. I think the ones that have never needed assistance from the foundation do not appreciate what the donors do. I like giving because I think it is a great cause. It helps with disability, college tuition and financial aid and other assistance. I know we see the CHP as more of a bother than a help, but you have to remember there are many miles of freeway in California and not all are safe and well traveled like the ones we normally drive on. Think of the CHP officer who pulls over the car near Merced that has a few illegal immigrants, a couple of pounds of drugs in the car and three or four automatic weapons. This guy is in the middle of nowhere with backup far away. Or the CHP officer that assists the pregnant women install some snow chains heading up to the mountains. Or the officer that spots the car in the Amber Alert and saves a kidnapped child. What do you think now.

    Officer Snuffy:

    I am a CHP Officer working on the coast, and I have stopped three people who I have been able to identify as 11-99 Foundation contributors. All three received citations. At the time we observe a violation, the circumstances of that violation dictate if the violator will receive a citation, not their license plate frame. I do however understand how this issue would raise some brows, and I agree that such items should not be issued to members for this reason.


    well, learned something new again today.
    what brought me to this search was the fact that one of these is for sale on Ebay and I wondered why a plate surround would start the bidding at $300??
    I wondered what was significant about this...
    I service a car that has this and always thought he might be a cop.
    Now I understand.
    Not something I would put on my Porsche! I obey traffic laws.
    When I want a spirited drive, I go to Willow Springs raceway.

    Mach 3.75:

    Here in South OC (SoCal), the 11-99 frames are everywhere. I finally got around to looking it up, and this forum/thread is great!
    However, I find it interesting that there seems to be some sort of assumption that fast/expensive cars, or people that can afford an $1100 license plate frame, are somehow safer drivers than are my 1994 Mitsubishi pick-up or someone like myself who can't even afford an $1100 car. I'm a trucker with over 1,000,000 (yes, that's MILLION) accident-free miles. In the past decade, I have personally seen and helped out in more wrecks with more variety of vehicles than most non-LE posters to this board will ever see in their life. And as the news from a few years ago of the Ferrari ripping in two in Malibu will confirm, it doesn't matter what car you drive, what technology it has, or how much money you have: if you consistently drive outside the limits of the law, or grossly drive outside the limits of the law, you are a danger not only to yourself, but to every other living creature around you.
    The various statements that driving over 100 is far safer than driving under 100 is ludicrous at the least, and completely misrepresents basic math. Sure- there's plenty more accidents at 40 mph than 100 mph, but what's the ratio of accident incidents to speed incidents for each of those speeds? What I mean is, how often do you find someone doing 100 mph? And how often do you find someone doing 40 mph? And so which does common sense tell you will have more accidents? I mean, hey, more people die from cancer than from drinking cyanide...so drinking cyanide must be safer than smoking cigarettes, right?
    I can tell you that the ONLY factor in reducing accidents is not technology, is not the type of car, is not the wealth of the driver, is not even the speed the driver is going, nor is it even training. It is EXPERIENCE. If you go to a fancy speed-training course in your fully-loaded Ferrari, then go home and drive your MBZ back and forth to work 15 miles away every day of the week, why would you assume that you can safely drive 120 mph on a street with other drivers who have never gone above 80 mph?? I would assume that you can only safely drive under two conditions: driving around town (your daily experience), and driving on a closed course with strict supervision (your one-time two-hour training course). I can almost guarantee you that I, in my base-model 1994 pickup, am a safer driver than you (and I'm only 32) (CHP excepted here, since they have more experience and training than truckers) because I have a tremendous amount of experience, and training, in dealing with nearly any type of driving situation. Likewise, the only type of driver I trust to be able to safely drive over 100 mph is a professional race car driver, because his/her experience is almost exclusively over 100 mph.
    So for anyone trying to equate your expensive car's technology or horsepower, or your own wealth, with driving safer at 100 mph than the rest of us at 40 mph, stop rationalizing your breaking the law, stop endangering my and my family's lives, and save the speed for the track. Your arguments are laughable, ludicrous, and lame, and are simply not based in any sort of reality.

    (Okay, stepping off my soapbox...)

    As for the "Get Out of Jail Free" card 11-99 implies, it seems to me that if you are truly more interested in giving a large sum to a worthy cause, then you would feel insulted to have them give you something that, in effect (and intentionally and knowingly), greatly increases your chances of not being penalized for knowingly breaking the law. Sure, they have their revocation rule. Sure, the ticket issuance is ultimately up to the individual officer. Sure, there is no "official" agreement that you'll be "protected." But seriously- just look at the basic facts: You give $1100 in a single donation to a group that supports the CHP, they give you a license plate frame that is easily read by a cruiser pulling up behind you to give you a ticket, they give you a special wallet that allows you to display your donation receipt to an officer who is about to give you a ticket. I mean, you'd have to have an IQ lower than 30 not to see the undeniable (and intentional) connection between 11-99 and being let of the hook for breaking the law. And the exception proves the rule: those that have gotten a fat ticket for some kind of gross violation of the law (one the CHP simply cannot ignore, regardless of whether you're the Pope or not) are showing exacerbation over their revocation of their membership, because they're surprised it didn't protect them when they wanted to drive 212 mph with a .24 BAC.
    If 11-99 really wanted to avoid the (deserved) impression that they sell "Get Out of Jail Free" cards, they would perhaps offer, as a thank-you gift, something other than items that are designed specifically to be seen by a CHP officer (think about it- who else would need to see your license, and therefore have the opportunity to see the card??). They can't mail you a gold-leaf plaque in a mahogany frame? They can't sign you up for a lifetime free cigar-of-the-month club? They can't provide you a weekend at Laguna Seca so you can have fun learning how to drive your Ferrari at 180 mph on a race track? They can't simply send you a hand-written Thank You card from the Chief of the CHP? Instead they send you a gift set worth about $10--worth less than what the Sierra Club gives you for a $30 donation!
    Sorry 11-99, but worthy though your cause is, your particular choice of Thank You gifts convinces me that you intentionally sell a way to get away with breaking the law.

    Brian Baek:

    I understand people LOVE to get this plate to show respect to CHP officers on the highway. But I disrespect people who abuse this right by assuming that you won't receive a ticket. I believe that people just put these plates on their car just to represent their wealth and kindness. this is also tax deductible so if you don't want the government to take ur tax money, donate it to the 11-99 foundation.


    Well I got mine not to get out of dangerous things like excessive speeding etc, but just so I can run without a front plate, and have a mild exhaust. I figure it will maybe once or twice keep me from getting pulled over for no reason other than harassment anyway. But It sure isn't going to get you out of dangerous driving, that would be stupid. If you want to complain Cops, complain about those police fraternity badges they have that get you out of almost anything. Thats ridic.

    old highway dog:

    I guess over the years, I've seen a great deal of whining going on. Especially, from people wanting to get out trouble for traffic violations, major crimes and basically, "Do you know who I am?"

    As a former CHP member for over 28 years, I have heard all sorts of excuses for getting out of tickets and even DUI stops. Let me tell you, I never once gave a break to anyone because they expected it. I gave tickets to 11-99 Foundation members as well as contacted the foundation to have their memberships revoked and their money returned. Even to the point of DUI members saying can't you give me a break or this is going to wreck my life. I didn't pour this stuff down their throat nor is it my foot on the accelerator.

    So those of you that are "Whining" out there get over it. Life is not always fair. How about those politicans and members of the foreign consul with specialized license plates. Pretty much immune to the law. However, members of the CHP do their job everyday and don't ask for handouts. The men and the women of this fine organization are out there saving lives every minute of everyday. I have lost many family members of law enforcement (since we are all family) to shooting, accidents and yes even suicide because of the job. But you ask anyone of us, we would never want to do anything else.

    We love our jobs and to us, the 11-99 Foundation is a worth while group of people helping whenever they can. They provide not only monetary support but self less emotional support when needed and it most of the time, it is not even asked for. So, believe or not everytime I see a license plate on a Foundation member's vehicle, I wave and say, "Thank you."

    These people are guardians to the Highway Patrol Archangels out there working the streets.


    ebay and other websites allowed the plateholders to be sold - the foundation objected and called them counterfeit or produced without the copyright.

    visit the website for the foundation - search plate (holder doesn't work) and up pops the following.


    still looks pretty dishonest to me - Instead of the wink wink, nudge nudge approach why doesn't the foundation avoid all appearances of impropriety and recall all the plates (since they claim they know who all the owners are) and instead give "members" or donors a different gift still related to autos (maybe a car blanket, an emergency roadside kit, etc.). Of course then folks would not be so inclined to pay nearly two thousand bucks towards the organization.


    Like a few other posters on this forum, I googled the "11-99 Foundation" because I have seen many license plate frames (yes, usually on the back of expensive and fast vehicles) and was curious what it stood for? My reasoning for searching for it was simple...I was tired of watching the drivers of these cars driving like they own the road without a care in the world for anyone elses safety. I found it more than coincidence that I have personally been run off the road twice by these less than considerate (I'm trying to be as polite as possible) drivers, and have witnessed several other close calls. What a bummer that such a noble cause is getting abused in this way.


    RS in CA:

    I've had a few drivers flash their 11-99 badge after I pulled them over. The only thing that I hate worse is when the driver tries to hand me a Law Enforcement business card who is a friend or family member, right when I walk up on the car. In either of the above situations, they will get a cite. There is a certain etiquite with cards, let me do my job before you try to get out of the cite. FYI, I only cite about 5% of the people that I stop.

    On a side note, those stupid "we support the police" stickers that people put on their back windows, that is usually a sure sign that the driver is dirty. No cop in the world would let a friend or family member put that stuff on their car.


    RS, you are wrong about all cops in the world

    here in Russia road patrol officers usually put special plates on their personal vehicles that helps prevent them and their family members from pulling over
    if you have connections in GIBDD (DMV) you can get one for yourself :)

    sometimes there are totally absurd accidents happen
    imagine a drunk officer killing a school kid on a ped walk while driving drunk? And I think he's not even fired
    however, this is more likely for western part of Russia than Siberia

    Corporal Gutierrez:

    My Marine Corps Veteran license plate is much better than the 11-99, it gets me out of anything, even parking tickets, Semper Fidelis!


    I was recently at the Los Angeles Country Club, a pretty fancy schmancy place. While admiring all the pretty cars in the parking lot, I noticed almost every single car had a 11-99 foundation license plate frame. I immediately figured it was some sort club to get you out of tickets.
    After researching, I dont think it is so bad. Like others have said, these people obviously have the money to pay their tickets and insurance increases, by buying a $1800 license plate frame they get to choose where their money goes and it is for a good cause.


    Those fat bastards can rot. Society has agreed to pay these nerds hefty salaries to hand out fines. Sit by the roadsides talking to their wives on the phone until some one speeds by. What a waste of taxpayer dollars. I wouldn't piss on one that was burning.

    who cares:

    honestly people. who gives a shit. Its up to the officer whether or not he's going to ticket you. If youre being a dick to him with or without an 11-99 plate youre going to get a ticket. If you people wanna bitch and complain about how dumb it is that people get away with tickets for being an 11-99 member, then fork up the dough and buy yourself a damn plate. save up 1800$ for 5 years and buy a plate. its really not that hard.

    im 18 years old and have been pulled over 14 times in 2 years. I have gotten ONE ticket for unsafe speed (that was my very FIRST time being pulled over) when I was 16. I could have gotten exhibition of speed for chirping my tires (I had just starting driving a 5 speed and I was really rusty in 1st gear) but the officer brought it down to unsafe speed. I went to court, took my traffic school and cleared my driving record. for the 13 other times ive been pulled over. No tickets. Just dont be an idiot while youre driving on the road. excessive speeding of 85+ you deserve a ticket. I cruise at 78 constantly when there is very LIGHT traffic because my car can handle it and Im not endangering other motorists as severly. Just be nice to the officer who pulled you over, show respect, take full responsibility for your actions and your experience will be 100x better.

    As for the idiot who thinks everone is a poser in Los Gatos. Im sorry that you dont have money but you dont have to go around bitching. Los Gatos/Saratoga is a crazy wealthy area. Trust me I know. I graduated LGHS last year and I PAID FOR MY OWN BMW. I bought it without ANY help from my parents when I was 16. I went through highschool watching as parents gave their kids m3s, STis, evo 9s, mercedes, etc. People have money in those areas. get over it. The parents of those kids worked hard to earn what they earn every year and just because you didnt doesnt mean you gotta go around bashing people because they make more money than you.

    As for me, I support the police. Sure I dont like to get tickets but it is what it is. Im training to be a firefighter and I have respect for all EMS personnel. Just do what I mentioned above and your police encounters will go smoothly.

    who cares:

    honestly people. who gives a shit. Its up to the officer whether or not he's going to ticket you. If youre being a dick to him with or without an 11-99 plate youre going to get a ticket. If you people wanna bitch and complain about how dumb it is that people get away with tickets for being an 11-99 member, then fork up the dough and buy yourself a damn plate. save up 1800$ for 5 years and buy a plate. its really not that hard.

    im 18 years old and have been pulled over 14 times in 2 years. I have gotten ONE ticket for unsafe speed (that was my very FIRST time being pulled over) when I was 16. I could have gotten exhibition of speed for chirping my tires (I had just starting driving a 5 speed and I was really rusty in 1st gear) but the officer brought it down to unsafe speed. I went to court, took my traffic school and cleared my driving record. for the 13 other times ive been pulled over. No tickets. Just dont be an idiot while youre driving on the road. excessive speeding of 85+ you deserve a ticket. I cruise at 78 constantly when there is very LIGHT traffic because my car can handle it and Im not endangering other motorists as severly. Just be nice to the officer who pulled you over, show respect, take full responsibility for your actions and your experience will be 100x better.

    As for the idiot who thinks everone is a poser in Los Gatos. Im sorry that you dont have money but you dont have to go around bitching. Los Gatos/Saratoga is a crazy wealthy area. Trust me I know. I graduated LGHS last year and I PAID FOR MY OWN BMW. I bought it without ANY help from my parents when I was 16. I went through highschool watching as parents gave their kids m3s, STis, evo 9s, mercedes, etc. People have money in those areas. get over it. The parents of those kids worked hard to earn what they earn every year and just because you didnt doesnt mean you gotta go around bashing people because they make more money than you.

    As for me, I support the police. Sure I dont like to get tickets but it is what it is. Im training to be a firefighter and I have respect for all EMS personnel. Just do what I mentioned above and your police encounters will go smoothly.


    so can this still be a great cause without the licence plate, wallet, and badge????? yes or no. if yes then take them away. if no then its for the wrong reasons. i'm glad the people high in the organization gave their 2 cents about how they do not want any special treatment from CHP. i'm sure thats an honest statement. and obviously there's other honest people as well that think alike. but who are we kidding? of course they help. along with the discression of the officer. their not bullet proof, their not guaranteed, but yes they sure help.
    i also like their "200$ for a ticket" reasoning. i do not know where these people live but i just got my first ticket in over 4 years. = 446$ or 500$ with traffic school. first i'm thinking i broke a taboo law or something (crossing double-yellow lines on carpool)but then a month later my GF gets her first ticket ever for speeding 10 miles over the limit. guess how much? 446$ or 500$ with traffic school. wow amaizing how it does not even matter what u do anymore....one GIANT flat fee for anything. more than 150% increase in ticket fees in california. starting to make that plate, wallet, and badge more appealing. ohh no i must be the only evil person thinking this way.

    (for those that do) keep doing a great job out there CHP and keep it fair.


    Let me be honest with all of you guys. Cops profile everybody and that is a fact. If you are driving back from the NBA game with a few beers but not drunk and driving overall ok, you are likelier to get away with it with this frame, then with no frame. If cops operated enforcing everything and had no discretion to enforcement then it would be a different story. Officers are given liberty to have discretion as they see fit. Bottom line, you can be a responsible citizen minding your own biz and not having to worry about a cop on your tail. That is all this buys you.

    Now the way this charity works: The ammount of money it gets for their mission is closely related to the "favors" cops give. The demand for this plates and badges will increase as well as funds for the foundation if it serves a purpose. I am sure users are not asking for immunity, but rather just for cops to use their discretion on their favor.

    If the plate frames and badges do not buy you any "favors" from the cop's discretion, then there won't be any demand for so plates or badges and funds for the foundation will decrease significantly.

    Officers have two choices.

    1. Feel compasion for somebody that was compassionate when it's their turn to judge.

    2. Be punks like they sometimes are and the world will respond back the same way they treated others when they find themselves in a difficult situation.

    My point, Be a good person, and show responsibility and hope others do the same with you.


    To all the people who don't get it...officer discretion determines EVERYTHING. No matter who you are, who you think you are or how you think you should be treated. When you get pulled over; it no longer is about you...it's about the officer who just cited you violating the law.

    I have been a member since 2004. Simple truth...Be a dick, get treated as one. I get tickets for violations of the California Vechicle Code. Sometimes I get a break, just like EVERYBODY ELSE. Cops don't write EVERYTIME.

    For all of you who moan about finding the frames on only fast/rich/luxury cars...I drive a 1994 Dodge 1 ton van.

    And lastly, would you like a job where you get called ONLY when the sh** hits the fan? Accident, injury, drunk driver...I am glad they do it; because I am man enough to admit that I wouldn't want to. Chase tail lights all day in the name of safety? Inattentive drivers, colisions, No thank you. 11-99 take my money. CHP officers get your 20+ years in and forget you ever had to face the interior of a Ford Crown Vic for 8 hours a day dealing with the dregs, felons and the people who: "don't you know who I am..."

    from another angle--- what would the roads be like without them? Think that baby seat will protect your child? It's society's adherance to order that insures safety, enforced by (drumroll) the CHP.


    well ill let you know something the person talking about the subaru is one of my close friends. That subaru is a very rare car only a few in the states, however that car is faster than a lambo and many other cars that are in the club and drive with a police escort. its extreamly ignorant to think such a thing


    I didn't read every comment on this Blog ...so I hope I'm not stating (or restating) the obvious.

    Some people "buy" the 11-99 Foundation license plate holder to avoid going to jail for DUI or Reckless Driving.
    And while some may read this and say no way! I know from personal experience that Traffic Officers do let people go when they have been identified as 11-99 members.

    And by the way certain Fire-Fighters decals provide the same protection.

    How do I know? I was a Cop and my partners let people go all the time. Complain to your Supervisor you ask. What good would it do - the Supervisors followed the same "unwritten" policy. I resigned my position and sleep better at night.


    I saw the 11-99 frame on a Bentley in Fresno (yeah, I know,
    it must have been lost) and curiosity led me here.
    I have read all the entries and am grateful for
    a good amount of enlightenment.
    No one has mentioned, however, that the principal
    reason for the speed limits' original posting was
    fuel conservation. Do the research.
    Also, while my appreciation for the service of
    honest military and law enforcement personnel
    is always increasing, I do not consider them
    "the last hope for a moral society".
    It is inevitable that situations like that in New Orleans
    after Katrina will be repeated, and the behaviour
    of the populace will be directly proportional
    to how much "law" they have within, because, as some philosopher
    once said: "civilization can not exist without laws,
    and The more fewer laws we have within, the more
    there are needed without".

    Walter Rorhl:

    I know this is old, but really? Convenience over safety? The whole notion that speed kills is idiotic, and CHP officers who aren't real Barney Fifes admit this to themselves. In Germany quality roads, quality cars and adherence to high standards in driving ability allow very high speeds - this is also possible in America but for the Joe average moron who thinks he is entitled to go 5MPH under in the left lane. People with your attitude towards driving are the reason the USA has high road death tolls, not skilled drivers in capable cars. Sure people will abuse this 11-99, yes but that is the way things work in the USA.

    D. Owen, retired CHP sgt.:

    I didn't take the time to read all of your posts, but I thought you want want some history from the other side of the badge. As someone who has worked law enforcement for 31+ years, the last 21 with CHP, & the last 13 as a Supervisor, I can honestly tell you that a lot of people put decals on their car (like firemen with the IAFF decals). Everybody & their brother is looking for a break. Like I used to tell the OFF-DUTY fireman I would stop doing 80+ in their personal vehicle, are you on your way to a fire now???, & then I would write the cite, just like anyone else. I can tell you of one incident, in 2006 or 2007, in which I was driving my personal vehicle near Golden Gate Park in the San Fran area, and a black MBZ flew around around us like a fool. I ended up behind it at a stop light & wrote down the license number..& also noted the 11-99 life member license frame. The following day I send an E-mail to one of the directors, who is a retired CHP Chief. A few days later I received an E-mail back thanking me for the info & the individual was asked to return the frame and was removed from the organization. Just like any other organization, don't judge the entire group based upon the actions of a few fools. If you see one of them driving recklessly, report them to the organization & more than likely, they will be dealt with. The 11-99 is an outstanding group, but they need to know when an individaul is making them lok bad.

    Jonny D:

    The comment above from D. Owen is awesome. Really, stop looking at the 11-99 frame as a way for that idiot to get out of a ticket. Instead, the next time one of those jerks cuts you off or goes flying down the freeway at 100 MPH, let the 11-99 Foundation know about it. If they get enough complaints about a given driver, they'd be pretty stupid to not contact that person and deal with them. Oh, and if they do something REALLY stupid, you can call 911 and turn them in. "11-99" - Your Hunting License.

    Disgruntled Driver:

    A few more thoughts about why NOT to allow 11-99 Foundation "members" and their family members to display this transparent "special favors" license plate frame:

    Today when I had to call for Los Angeles Police Department officer to come in heavy Friday night "rush hour" traffic because the other driver had no driver's license -- in an otherwise minor paint-scrape incident (no dents, no damage to people) -- Not only did I have to wait nearly an hour for the offcer's arrival, but then it took about half an hour for him to ooh and ahh over her beauty and charms, while chatting her up about her husband's distant cousin who is some motorcycle cop in the LAPD . . .

    Aren't the laws about you must have a valid driver's license with you at all times to identify yourself there for a reason? If 40 drivers a week failed to have a license, that would eat up one officer's entire work week -- to say nothing of my valuable time, waiting over an hour, just to find out who hit me!

    And imagine how "disenfranchised" it feels to hear, even before the police arrive, that the other driver brags she has "special privileges" with the police, so she knows she will get off without a word said!


    I don't have an 11-99 license frame but I think I'll get one now. Why all the whining about people who contribute $1800 to a great cause? It sounds like class envy to me. Why don't these folks just go to work and make some money instead of whining about those who do.


    I worked for the founder of the 11-99 foundation for nearly 20 years. Bob Weinberg was one of the most generous people i ever met. He was a kind person who liked to help people throughout his life. I truly believe he created the foundation to help the families of fallen officers PERIOD. People always want to spin things in a negative light. I have a 11-99 frame, and yes, i drive a BMW, but it is to honor him as well as support the CHP. And as far as saying the frames are always on fast cars....hmmm, lets do the math....if one can afford the donation, chances are they are not driving a 1972 Buick..


    I was looking into getting one of these. It's going to a good cause. Where do I get one?


    I have never observed a vehicle displaying a 11-99 plate frame operated either politely or within the posted speed limit.

    Just today, an SUV gunned it to 60mph (in a 35mph zone) to cut off my merge from 200 feet behind and pass in the bike lane to right.... Of course, yet one more 11-99 frame.

    Its good to see others are observing the same behavior and 11-99 really needs to consider their role.


    I get so upset reading people posts. Recently one of the fallen officers was a friend of ours and the 11-99 foundation stepped up and provided so much support for the now widowed wife and her 4 yr old daughter.

    If a person tries to use their 11-99 foundation donation as a way to get out of a ticket, yes they will have their membership revoked. Being from the CHP community, officers dislike it when someone expects to be let off and I know of many tickets given to members.

    Almost every charity I know of gives you novelties for donating and I'm sure people try to abuse their membership. However, there is no secret society or secret password that releases you of your responsibility on the road.

    If you were the widow or child of someone who lost thier life protecting our streets, you would probably think different of the foundation. For the officer I know who lost his life, he was a great guy and would of given his life anyday to save someone else.


    Do you know why you don't see these frames on crappy cars? Because they don't have the money to donate to a cause like 11-99. These frames are to show who they support and for some it is a "status" symbol. I knew nothing of this foundation until a Nissan GTR pulled up to our Corvette Club meeting with one. One of the guys said "wow" he is an 11-99 member. I said what is that? He told me that the guy donated a minimum of $20,000 to a foundation that helps CHP Officers families in times of need. Never once did he tell me anything about "getting out of jail free" by having it. It wasn't until I seen a lot of people here, that like to think that is what it is intended for, that I knew anything of this supposed free pass. We own very fast cars that are designed for that purpose, but many of us cruise at less than the speed limit to get people to notice our cars, that is why we own them. So please tell, if I get a license plate frame that says "USC Alumni", does that entitle me to a free education whenever I want? And do I get a free pass to all the games and functions this school puts on? Because I see a lot of these on nice cars as well. People, get real, a license frame doesn't entitle you to any special priveledges. It only allows you to show where your beliefs lie.


    I saw my first 11-99 Foundation license plate frame today (August 10, 2010) in Corona del Mar (Newport Beach, southern CA), as we inched along PCH in traffic. I wasn't familiar with this charitable foundation and took the time to scribble it on my palm (grateful for the frequent stops in traffic so I could do this safely...and legibly). I googled it when I got home & found your article. Thanks for your post. I found it very interesting & informative.


    I just saw the plate frame today on a sporty mazda. I was wondering what "Member" "11-99 Foundation" was. So I just did a search through my phone here. Shocked to read what the foundation is about and have noticed the plate before, on luxury or fast cars. I never put the two togehter until now. That's so messed up for those of us that can't afford that. So wrong.

    Emily Elizabeth:

    Today I was driving off freeway 87, no traffic in the 3 lanes that make junction on 680 when out of nowhere a brand new black lexus cut me rite at the shoulder!!!
    My 6-yr-old was in the back seat and by instinct just steered away to avoid the collision in my left passenger side, of course this idiot was showing the 11-99 foundation frame, I couldnt see his license plate number, everything happened really fast but I still called the police when I could park to give details of the horrible accident that a careless Lexus driver with a 11-99 frame could cause to my son & I.

    Pop's a cop...:

    Really it doesn't matter. If a cop wants to ticket you, special plates that inflate your ego won't do a thing. They won't help off the highway either. Basically if the cop wants to be a dick or you actually earned that ticket, some will slap it to you regardless of whether you have a license plate frame that you feel is necessary to flaunt. I'm the daughter of a retired cop and while that may have benefitted me at certain times when I was younger and had a heavy foot, I have still received a ticket. Who cares?

    just there to help:

    Becka Burke
    Administrative Assistant
    CHP 11-99 Foundation
    P.O. Box 3537
    La Habra, CA 90632


    I don't have the 11-99, but if I could afford it I would donate.

    Common Sense:

    Instead of joining the 11-99 foundation - which by no means guarantees an individual from getting ticketed, why not hire an attorney every single time you are ticketed and FIGHT? Sure, your cost may be higher in the long-term, but you will: 1) Not succumb to the system, unlike 95% of people who pay their ticket fines without contesting or traffic school 2) Support the private sector, in an increasingly corruptive public sector environment 3) Avoid the risk of financially providing (albeit indirectly) for an organization, the CHP, always trying to ticket individuals.

    without passion/prejudice:

    My job, as I see it, is to enforce the laws of the state without passion or prejudice. I issue more citations than warnings. I do so without regard for any license plate frame, decal, ID, etc. Previous posts regarding above average driving skills and high performance vehicles expose dangerous attitudes toward driving on public highways. Fact: speed does kill. Fact: the speed of vehicles involved in any collision is the primary factor in the severity of damage and injury. Those who deny facts do so at their own peril. Unfortunately, nobody is operating their vehicle in a vacuum, thereby exposing the rest of the public to their arrogance, indifference, or negligence. We respond to the scenes and deal with the incident; we see the aftermath; we see the pain and anguish of the victims and their families. In the papers and the TV news they are nameless, faceless. entities. To us they are so very real and are often memories we carry for the rest of our lives. The 11-99 Foundation does good work and doesn't deserve the negative perception some folks have due to the actions of a few. I, for one, am glad they are there.


    Have never heard of 11-99 before-but just got home and searched for it hoping it might explain the rude and recklas driving of a guy in Los Altos in a very fancy sports car-he clearly knew the rules did not apply to him- next time I'll get his licence and call it in-and see what the CHP says- Seems pretty clear to me he thought it was an out ut out from the rules of the road. Sickening.


    Many people are crying about the advanatage to people who like to break the law and not get a ticket to save money.
    Did you ever figure out how many tickets you would have to get to reak ewven for buying a life membership in the 11-99 foundation. I've had mine since 1994. I got by on a small infraction once. If I didn't buy my membership I would be ahead about $5,000. I bought because I have 5 family members and friends in the HP.


    is this organization a scam? from what i understand very few CHP officers have died, not that 60 is to belittle , every death is a tragedy. But i expect more truck drivers have died over the same period of time, or fishermen or many other "dangerous" professions ...

    the website states one of their goals is to provide free college education for CHP families, that's all very nice but aren't these people amongst the highest paid of all government employees who retire at 50 on close to final salary with Cadillac health care plans ?

    this organization fronts it's self for fallen officer family's who i'm sure receive amazing death benefits from the gov already? but with "only" 60 families to provide for , why do they need so much money ? are they coning well meaning donors to give money so all their kids all get free tuition ??

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