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CHP 11-99 Foundation changing its stripes?

One of the most popular articles on this site has been one about the California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation. You can see the article here: Culture of Corruption. In that post I noted that it gives the appearance of an organization which is selling favors. Eventually it got to the point that my article topped google searches for the 11-99 foundation and I've been contacted by representatives of the 11-99 Foundation and even a reporter interested in the story.

Well, things look like they have changed. A recent reader asked how to join the foundation. So I looked for the membership URL. IT'S GONE! No more mention of membership. No more "Gold Card" no more Plaque or license plate frame. Does this really mean that things have changed or has it just gone underground? How will they treat those lifetime members? What about those who currently hold the "Gold Card"?


Well, it was interesting while it lasted. If you are curious about what it used to be, let me recommend the use of the "Wayback Machine" at archive.org. For example, here is what the membership page used to look like back on May 2: chp1199.org/membership.htm . To summarize the membership program, this is what it used to consist of:

Lifetime Members are awarded an Engraved Membership Plaque and Brass "Gold" Card. This handsome Plaque's base is made of richly grained walnut with a hand painted CHP 11-99 Star Logo. The inscription is engraved with your name, date of membership and a message from the Commissioner of the CHP. The plaque measures 10" wide X 14" high and will proudly announce your Lifetime dedication to our Foundation's goals.

Your "Gold" Card is thick solid brass that's been personalized and engraved with your name and Lifetime Membership Identification Number. It is then encased inside a pocket-sized split cowhide wallet (in black).

Lifetime Membership has its Awards...
• Personalized Engraved Award Plaque and "Gold" Card
• License Plate Holder
• Registration Holder
• 10% Discount on CHP 11-99 Fund Raising Events
• No Annual Renewal Dues

Cost: $1,800 one time fee. $1,200 additional for a spouse who joins simultaneously

I'm curious to see how long those pages stay on Archive.org. If they are gone, I've got a few saved on the hard-disk.

If this is true, then it looks like a change for the better. Corruption or the appearance of corruption are not really victimless. We are all hurt when a level playing field is distorted in one way or another. And if that distortion includes lenience in rules designed for safety, the hurt could be one which can not be recovered from. Good to see it is gone... if it is...

I think that an official notice of the demise of the program would be better than this silent sweeping under the rug, but maybe that is just me :-)

  • 11-99 Foundation License Plate Frame - Culture of Corruption?
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    I came from Ukraine which is unfortunately very corrupt country.
    Government and city officials there have different license plates than regular folk, and obviously get different treatment on the road.

    For a sizable bribe you can buy those plates.

    Your article reminded me my lovely home country


    Even here in the USA government cars get different plates, federal government ones say government on them and don't look like the normal state... and state legislator's plates say "legislator" on them, I've seen one on the highway... dunno who qualifies for those, probably state reps and senators.


    I am concerned about giving you any of my pertinent information because of your bias against law enforcement and the 11-99 Foundation. I am a lifetime member. I happen to have a son in law enforcement. In fact he is a member of the Highway Patrol in another state. He has told me that it would be helpful if there was an 11-99 Foundation in his state. He puts his life on the line every day while he is working to protect people like you. I try to help law enforcement whenever possible. I know that my membership money is helping the widows and children of the officers. I joined to help them.
    Note: I have no bias against law enforcement or the 11-99 foundation. I'm all for people obeying the laws meant to protect people. I think if you read carefully my position is that the selling of license plates and badges as part of a membership presents an appearance of corruption. Since I have written this article the 11-99 foundation HAS made changes and NO LONGER engages in this practice. Certainly someone in their leadership agreed with me and they have changed their campaign. This is good. I hope you can see my point. -Jack

    Philip Hicks:

    In May of 2006, my daughter was sworn in as a police officer. Her aunt brought my mother (92) and her "gentleman" friend to this special occasion from quite far away.

    While they were staying with us, I noticed his 11-99 Foundation license plate holder and asked him if it was true that it was the equivalent of a "Get out of Jail" card. He showed me his membership card and bragged about how it cost SO much more to get one.

    Well, on his way back home, yes in his Mercedes, he was stopped by a CHP officer doing 95-100 and weaving in and out of traffic quite dangerously. He was given a warning. My mother was quite frightened by his driving.

    She has since told him so, and challenged him to take off the holder, put away the lifetime membership card, and drive reasonably. He has yet to do so and is probably still dangerous to everyone else on the road.

    Yes, it is still a pass to break the law and endanger everyone else.

    Philip Hicks


    Sounds like sour grapes riding the coattails of "honor", "corruption", etc.

    Police letting police off, police letting firemen off, police letting good looking women off, on and on. Does an officer have the right to just give a warning to any "Joe" because he/she wants to give someone a break? And which of you "holier than thow, white as snow" writers would say to a CHP officer that is going to let you go with a warning, "no sir, please proceed to write my ticket"?

    The bottom line that is indisputable, and not left to intepretation, and story telling, is that the 11-99 Foundation helps officers and their families that really need help. You folks that preach about corruption have far more causes that need your attention. This is not the organization, with good and kind people, that needs your harassment!

    Marvin Patrick:

    My wife and I are proud to have supported the CHP 11-99 Foundation for the benifit of widows and children of the fallen CHP. Our driving habits remain considerate, conservative and we will not request nor do we expect any breaks should we be stopped for any driving infractions.


    For your information, the memership levels have been raised, but still extend to you the same priveliges as before. I am a lifetime member, and yes I do have a plate holder on my car.

    Desipte this, I continue to obey the law, and do not expect any breaks should I violate any posted regulations. The spirit of the foundation is to help those in need, as the CHP is always there to lend a hand when you're involved in any sort of accident. God bless the CHP.


    sure they could have taken it off their website but i went to a chp office last week and asked if they still have it and they gave me a brochure to sign up with all the same goodies as the online thing.


    If you truly want to donate to the Widows and Orphans of fallen CHP officers you can do so by donating directly to the CAHP (California Association of Highway Patrolman). They have their own Widows and Orphans fund.

    If you want to donate to fallen officers and want or expect something in return, "get out of jail" memorabilia, favors, etc. then the 11-99 foundation has been known as the place to go.

    Back some years, the 11-99 was completely disregarded by CHP and it's officers because of their promises and practices. I would like to think that CHP still maintains their values in that regard while supporting their own Widows and Orphans fund.


    Actually. There is something similar to this with the California state sheriff association. They offer a membership card, license plate holder, bumper sticker, and magnet sticker.

    Here's the story. My ex gf was going 110mph because she felt like it. Anyways she went like this for a good 15 miles. A cop pulls her over and asks for her license and registration. Her dad is apart of the state sheriff association. The CHP sees the sticker fall out of the glove compartment. He starts asking how she's apart of the association and how she came apart of it. He talked about how it's great he's supporting the police and such. He starts conversation asks her where she's from, where she's going to school and everything else. INTRODUCED HIMSELF and said I'll give you a warning but please drive safely because the traffic is bad now since it was rush house in HWY 80 before the bay bridge.

    My 3 incidents. Going on the freeway I hit 105mph in my brand new SUV that doesn't even have plates, but of course I have my California State Sheriff Association plate frame on. A CHP follows my vehicle for a good mile, I stay at a constant 85MPH that's right 85mph at a 65mph ZONE. Soon enough I need to exit and he just follows me out to get a good read of my plate frame and soon enough he's leaves. My 2nd incident was the exact same except i was going 80mph and 75mph all the while time the CHP was following. I haven't been pulled over yet, and I'll doubt that I will.


    "And which of you "holier than thow, white as snow" writers would say to a CHP officer that is going to let you go with a warning, "no sir, please proceed to write my ticket"?"

    The bottom line is this, if other people are buying their way out of tickets, then we have to also. My dad gave me a Sheriff's association sticker, but I naively refused it thinking it would just be an ugly sticker. And now I'm checking ebay for the plate frames.

    Peter Carniglia:

    The critcs spew such drivel!

    The socially acceptable, persistent hope of the masses that by sinking to the lowest common demoninator we will all be safe is pure backward thinking.

    While it is true that the driving rules in this country are badly homogenized down to the point that they have very little to do with good or safe driving, much less driver education, it also remains true that improved driving is safer driving. Most people still are under the misguided notion that pointing a ton-an-a-half of metal down an asphalt strip is driving. For that presumption and the typical actions that derive from such thinking, they should have their driving privelages revoked or severly and publicly restricted, in my opinion.

    Instead everyone should be required to spend five minutes on the AutoStrada in Italy before getting a drivers license. Then they will learn what the left lane is for, then they will learn the correct hand signals, then they will see first hand law enforcement stopping dangerous distracted drivers, those going too slow for safety, merging badly, those with ill-prepared automobiles and bad driving skills being taken off the road. It is quite a sight and a breath of fresh air.

    The initial articles above are loaded with the arrogance of those who still believe that mass appeal to the lowest common denominator is the way to safety. Fortunately the CHP has a simple solution for performance cars and drivers who qualify, a simple license plate frame. At 55 years of age I've had a few tickets. Deserved every single one. Never got a ticket while I was driving well, only when I did not pay attention. A license plate frame won't save me from my own bad driving, and I bet it doesn't save anyone else either.

    I don't have one yet, but you can bet after reading the nonsense put forth by the self-appointed critics that I will go get one, maybe two. The support the CHP needs is well worth the money, we can never say "thank you" enough. And together we can help them back to work, getting the real offenders off the road!

    gotmegoinginLA, Peter

    Philip Cohen:

    So where do you get the application to donate to this worthy cause?

    Tony Irvine:

    I have a brass 'gold card' engraved with my grandfathers name from the 1930's. I wonder if it's still good or has any

    Anyone know?




    Why did you have to screw it up for every one?
    I wanted the plate for 1800, and now its gone thanks to you.

    Why couldn't you just leave it alone.
    If this is really true that the plate is "get out of Jail" card, what is the harm in it?

    Do you think this is the only U.S. organization that is corrupted?

    come on!


    I've been a supporter of the 11-99 foundation for ten years and am a lifetime member, yes I have the license plate frame and gold card. Last week I was driving and had stopped at a 4 way stop sign in a rural area, no other cars around, no one behind me. I took off my seatbelt and removed my jacket, looked up and watched as a Police officer pulled up to the stop sign on my right just as I was replacing my seatbelt. He immediately pulled me over and . . . gave me a ticket for not wearing my seatbelt. . .hmmmph. Did I deserve it? Certainly the license plate frame offered no 'protection'. Will I continue to donate, of course. I think people make more of the simple plate 'advertisement' than there really is. And I'd rather advertise this foundation than the auto dealership.


    Sounds like the guy who wrote this is upset because he cant afford it, why ruin it for others! what an ass*#@*!


    Why fuk it up for everyone your the reason why our country is going down the drain because f'n cry babies like you if you cant afford it f it up WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!!


    i want to say that i am convinced that the chp is doing an excellant job. and i resent that anyone is finding fault with them. they are a fine upstanding organization that every motorist should appreciate.they put their lives on the line every day. and they are doing it so that the public is protected. and they are also protecting the people that find fault with them.i've noticed that some of the complainers that have responded to this website admit that they were breaking the law when they were driving. if these drivers that are complaining about these dedicated peace officers would follow the driving laws and show some courtesy and respect towards the other drivers on the highways, then it would make everyones job of trying to get through this life easier.GOD BLESS the calif.hwy.patrol-thank you for all you do.i and my family respect the chp.

    FORMER CHP13104:

    You are a big friggen cry baby. it is up to the officer to decide who he wants to let off with a warning. becasue of pussies like you the 11-99 foundation has a harder time doing what it was designed to do. go pedal your corruption bs somewhere else you hyprocritical prig


    I know of a person in Orange California with a 11-99 license frame on his mercedes--no license, just the frame. Driving around llike that for about the last year.

    In Mexico the Federales simply take your money. Here, we have to do it circuitously. I've known many who have purchased a life membership in the 11-99 Foundation. Not a one of them cares one whit about the CHP or it's foundation's goals. And each of them swears that special favors have been given because of these outward signs of phoney largesse. As for "rules designed for safety," that's another crock. A large number of tickets are given simply to raise revenue; they have nothing whatsoever to do with safety. California's legislature and its governor cannot stop spending, so an overhaul of our traffic laws is impossible - and the truth of the matter is that most traffic tickets are merely revenue raisers. A simple additional requirement for a ticket to be valid - that the motorist's conduct was unsafe as well as breaking some arbitrary rule - would solve the problem. But that will never happen. Until then, the CHP is there to collect revenue for the spendthrifts in Sacramento.

    V10 M GmbH:

    Stop drinking your Hater-Rade. Seriously, if a cop pulls you over, you would hope and pray that he lets you off. If you were a woman (decent looking), you will flirt your way out. If you were a broke-azz, you will beg and plead. Basically, no one wants a ticket, insurance premium bump, time to go to court, traffic school, etc.

    To the author: Why don't you make an article about pretty girls? Ban them from wearing low cut tops. Ban them from wearing make-up and skirts. Ban them from flirting. And while you are at it, why don't you try to ban ex-police officers obtaining and driver's license? And court employees? And Government Officials? Firefighters?

    Get my point? Your conspiracy theory is way out of whack. You remind me of those tree-huggers that want to ban ATVs or whatever to save the environment, all the while looking past the factory 100 miles away from you spewing toxins in the air that will take 50 lifetimes for ATVs to amass even a fraction of the pollution.

    Let me guess... you drive a Hybrid? Or saving money for one? Green Peace? Al Gore lover? Gimme a break. And you have such a big head that you think that your little rant changed the world. Maybe your self righteous rant got the attention b/c of Google... but if it even minutely contributed to a change in the 11-99 Foundation and its plates, you have done so much more harm than good.

    Go get some stats before you go pointing fingers. How many 11-99 toting cars actually got into accidents because of excessive speed? Don't know? Spen the time to research it before you go blasting on a well thought out charity. In the end, they wanted to get voluteer money, as much as possible, to help the fallen officer's families.

    Just because you saw a Merc or Bimmer have a plate does not mean he is a danger to society. Does not even mean he has the intention to endager you. And just because I have 500HP under my hood does not mean that I have any less control than your 110HP 4 banger. Come to think of it, why don't you and your jealous buddies rally against high horsepower cars? Exotics? You can be a bitter and jealous man your whole life. I can afford the tickets and the high powered cars. And yes, I can afford the insurance premium if I am not "Let Off." But unfortunately, I am not a hot young girl with a lot of cleavage... and I do not work for the State... and I do not work for the Fire Dept... guess what... the world is not FAIR. I have more than you, and someone has more than me. Get over it. You are so self-righteous and bitter and it really shows.

    I don't "need" the membership to show that I have a nice ride; You can see that already when you see my tail lights. I don't "need" the membership to drive spiritedly. Just like a moron going 85MPH in a POS SUV don't "need" the membership to endanger others and drive like a moron; He'll do it cuz he's a jack'azz.

    Get over yourself. The next time a nice car pulls up and you are with a girl, don't talk crap about it's low gas mileage, environmental impact, 11-99 foundation "elitism" or the owner's frivilousness. You'll just look like a Jealous Hater to her... and she'd rather be with the Aplha Male in the hot car... Trust Me.

    er... 500 horses yet too shy to post your name? Come on Aplha Male, you can do better than that.


    Well if anyone can direct me to where i an get a membership with a 11-99 foundation and how much it is,i will do it right now.
    I'am not a crazy driver,i do however own a few very powerful vehicles,which sometimes are not hard to get up to speed.(think passing someone who has been crawling in the fast lane)and you do that with a 500HP vehicle.Hey in no time you are doing 90 mph.Which is enough to get any CHP officers attn.I like the plate frame and wallet badge.
    I do personal security for a living and i do suport the Law enforcement,and i do let them know with my black and blue sticker!
    As far you are concerned(OP)you should have let it be.You have a lot of people right now being pissed at you(family of fallen law enforcement personel)I hope you do not drive lol!!!


    $1800 is a lot more (especially when you add interest over time) than most, if not all, of the tickets would add up to. You are so short-sighted in your assessment. Rather than assuming that some actually care about the families of the fallen CHP members, it is easier to simply assume that the ones with the 11-99 plate frames are just looking to get out of big tickets.

    Did it occur to you that those with the money to buy those expensive cars are also the ones to make numerous charitable contributions year in and year out. For most, the 11-99 is not the ONLY donation they make; it is simply one of the best.


    I am a lifetime member of the 11-99 Foundation and do not own 'expensive cars'. In fact, I have the license plate frame on my Toyota truck and 1990 Audi. In addition to that, I HAVE been given a ticket while speeding with the frame on by a CHP officer. The reason I became a member was to support my uncle who has been in law enforcement for over 20 years.


    Interesting information and posts. As a municipal police officer in an extremely dangerous city (my partner and I make 2-3 felony arrests a day and rarely waste our time with traffic citations -- REAL police work), I find this issue to be of considerable interest given that the CHP culture prides itself upon ethical practices and, for this reason, routinely considers itself as elite in comparison to other law enforcement agencies. This is demonstrated by the fact that they -- despite what others may believe -- frequently write other law enforcement officers citations, place them (questionably, almost vindictively) at fault in traffic accidents, and arrest them for borderline DUI's -- as they should. To then, however, jeopardize one's integrity as a CHP officer, and even further as an agency, by exercising (and essentially advertising) leniency in exchange for monetary quid pro quo consideration is wholly ironic, disappointing, and borderline criminal. Just my two cents.


    I have to say. Some people should be able to not break but "bend" the rules. I'm talking about wealthier people. Yes I understand the point behind the foundation, but look at what most people want it for. SPEEDING AND WINDON TIN. Wow. Let me ask you. Who would you rather have crash into you resulting from speeding: at the most, a broke, ignorant person with crapy if any insurance in a 87 (not design for much more than 120mph) honda prelude with weak breaks and handling. Or a extremely wealthy ignorant person with excellent insurance (and enough money to pay for auto replacement, punitive, and P&S) in a ferrari good at performing even up in the 200's...? Precision and accuracy or a speeding water buffalo with no legs? Hmm. Plus investigate criminals. Do criminals buy 11-99 memberships. I dont think so. Do drugies and rapest buy 11-99 memberships. No they dont. If you can afford and are excepted a membership in 2008 you probably earned a spot in life where the rules can be bent just a tad(depending on the event and officer). Good luck! PRO 11-99!!!


    Well, author is probably right in regards to 30% of the sign ups to the 11-99 foundation. The money is used for an excellent cause, the only problem is now they raised the prices to $5,000; $10,000; and $25,000.

    Thanks asshole. I'm still signing up. You just cost me more money, but as stated its going to a wonderful cause.


    This is not charity. It's extortion. Give us money, or else we'll hurt you.

    The CHP are highway robbers. They aren't protecting me. They're the reason we need protection. Plenty of bad drivers on the road, but at least those drivers dont come up to me with guns and demand I write them checks to continue using roads Ive already paid for twice-over.

    If you want real protection, buy a good radar detector. It's cheaper, and the money goes to honest electronics manufacturers, not a gang of thieves who will only use part of that money to fund their ongoing predation upon innocent drivers.

    Yes, I said "radar detector" and "innocent". I dont care what some book in Sacramento says. It could say "California Fashion Code 1.01.01(a) Pink hair shall be punished by a fine of $100". Doesnt make it right. My accident record is 20 years of spotless, and I dont cut people off or tailgate either - because those things are legitimately dangerous. Whether I drive faster than others or they just drive slower than me, Ive got 20 years of 1st-hand experience that proves my driving is safe.

    This has nothing to do with safety, and everything to do with ill-gotten gains. If you dont believe that, try safely minding your own business at 90mph down an empty highway at night, just cruising along. The sharks will smell blood. They hide behind the ruse of public safety, just to make their parasitism palatable to the masses.

    Just another gang claiming public space as its territory.

    Besides, I spot CHP driving well over the speed limit and making lane changes without signaling, at least once a week. No lights, no siren, no apparent emergency purpose. Just utter hypocrisy. Every week. Im installing a video camera in my motorcycle, to start filming these incidents.


    It's interesting that this author, like so many 'speed kills' fanatics, recognizes the "corruption" of 11-99, but ignores the corruption that is speed enforcement for the purpose of revenue generation. Corruption begets corruption.

    Hey, I can't catch'em all. Don't let my lack of corruption fighting dilligence get in your way. Get out your own soapbox and have at them. -Jack

    It strikes me as laughable that other countries respect and appreciate speed - can you say "Autobahn?" - while America demonizes speed more and more each year, and this despite highway and vehicle design and safety standards increasing steadily each year.

    In my experience our highway infrastructure has deteriorated in a number of areas. Don't pretend that the old roads have gotten better as they have aged.

    It's all about the money, and some folks choose simply to ignore this obvious conclusion because they, themselves, are happy to see the world forced to conform to their personal comfort levels or, as one other poster accurately described, the lowest common denominator of driver ability. How very socialist of you.

    I'm having trouble figuring out how I'm being socialist here. I don't write about a problem that you see and I become socialist? I've got a lot of problems I'm concerned about that you have not made any attempt to write about. Should I blame you? Sure. Here goes: It is you that is the socialist/fascist/Anti-christ/lover of poop on the sidewalk at least until I see you out there with your shovel and baggie. Get to work!

    John in OC:

    Most folks who can afford this deal work damned hard and pay a boatload in (wasted) taxes to drive their nice cars on CA highways at a few MPH over the speed limit. 'Seems like a reasonable investment (in a good cause) to give me at least a "chance" at a warning (vs. a $400 speeding ticket) that I might get... racing to work!

    David in SF:

    The CHP is just being more open about their corruption. Bold or stupid, the 11-99 foundation is nothing more than buying your way out of harassment from the CHP. This continues and you can see for yourself that on the membership application form, you must now have a current member recommend you for the membership.

    Flagrant corruption.


    I think this web site sucks. You are all so upset that people that donate money to an organization that is helping officers that risk there life's everyday are getting out of `tickets. Who cares if chp dont give vary many tickets to these members. With out there donations some of the officers familys would not make it. Stop bitching just because you dont get out of tickets


    I have read each and every post here, and tried to keep an open mind. The cause of the 11-99 Foundation is worthy and I support real police work. However, I do see most police work as fund raising events. The membership package cries out corruption. The perception that the plate frame and wallet will aid you in ticket escape exists because it’s founded in truth. I have had things from stickers to ID’s in the past; issued from various police originations and it has been an aid. In reference to previous posts – Radar Detectors rock! Legal to, do some research and you’ll find the best, be aware of local laws, jammers are fully legal in some states, ex…AZ. My new personal soap box (I am building a sight), Red Light Photos - Shortened yellow times and other issues have actually increased both accidents and revenue (I did research, and timed lights myself, please look into it before posting a rant). I have thousands of other complaint that don’t belong here either, and thank you all for reading and posting opinions on the debate. It was great reading.


    this topic reminds me of something else. you know all the chp officers that die on duty are automatically retired and their dependents receive a full pension on top of social security and many considerations for living and educational needs. the fund is a crock of shit and you all know it. i spent 14 years active duty military and everyone i knew was insured to 300 thousand after around 1998. even still, every time someone died there would be a ceremonial fund raising round of beggaring and pleading for donations to educate their kids and whatnot. let us see. 300 grand, full pension, ss benefits for each dependent child till 18 and the spouse for life. but lets pass around the offering plate and send the kids to school anyway. sounds like this 11 99 foundation is just aq way to say chp kids deserve better schools than everyone elses. i only found this site cuz i saw a plate and wondered what it meant. is there a warriors foundation for all the people who lay it on the line for your personal freedoms and come home broke, broken or never at all? th 11 99 foundation can take their corrupt asses to hell


    For all who think CHP citations are for state government should probably do a little research. The only citation that CHP gains from is registration as their budget is from the motor vehicle fund. If you want to hurt the CHP then don't pay yor reg. You will probably be stopped and cited though. Any traffic infraction CHP issues a citation for goes to the local cities and counties where the violation occurred. So when you are stopped for speeding in Los Angeles the fine goes to the city of LA. I hope half of you feel stupid.

    Steve Hamilton:

    I was following a yellow Ferrari F430 Spyder up the PCH from Laguna Beach all the way to the Ferrari Dealership in Newport Beach, at first admiring the car, then trying desperately to get away from the extremely loud droning exhaust, in the stop and go traffic. The 250K car had a 11-99 Foundation plate frame on it. I wondered what it meant and this is how I found this blog. I've had a semi inside look with the California Highway Patrol. In the early 80's I was approached by a CHP recruiter to apply for the Academy in West Sacramento because of their need for Helicopter Pilots. I knew a few guys that were new CHP Officers and they seemed to like it other than being posted to East Los Angeles for a couple of years. So I went on a tour of the Academy and met with several instructors and sat in on a few classes and soon realized the CHP wasn't for me. While some of the the officers that I've come to know over the years are decent people, many have a need to have this type of power we call, "The Big Dick Syndrome". The most corrupt part of their organization is when you reach twenty years of service you can retire, which is not unlike the military but the huge difference is, in your last year you put in as much overtime as you can to get your pay well above 100K and go out on disability for the last six months and retire for the rest of your life at 100% of your last years pay. For someone who went through the Academy at 21 years of age and retires at 41 recieves this pay for the rest of his or her life. The moral and just members are the one's who don't take advantage of this, but they are few and far between. I'm waiting to see if my cousins husband starts feeling achy as he's coming up on retirement. No wonder California is in such deep financial trouble.


    I read most of the posts. To those on the inside, or with money, or whatever, 11-99 seems to be just fine, its working for them.


    People need to step back and understand that corruption is a very, very CORROSIVE element to any society.

    Just look to our south to see what can happen.

    Corruption in authorty figures breeds a problem of respect for those in authority. That will eventually effect everyone in that society. As police credibilty is reduced we all get less safe.

    Want safe cops? Then keep the credability and standards of conduct high and the corruption low.

    Disgruntled Non-11-99 Driver:

    Yes, the 11-99 Foundation "Club for Highly Privileged" ("CHP") is still alive and . . . well.

    Today I was hit in a slow-moving traffic accident by a knockout beautiful young female driver who could not produce a driver's license. She claimed her purse had been stolen some weeks before. . . but she had never gone to the DMV for a new license. Yeah, sure. Well, I call for police to come and the dispatcher tells me, Yes, ma'am, it is required to have a license ON YOU whenever you drive anyplace in California, and Yes, ma'am the police are on their way. (Oh, and by the way, she never filed a theft claim, so I guess maybe it wasn't stolen after all . . .)

    Sure enough, the officer comes, and right away he sees that driver's "11-99 Foundation" plate frame. Not only does he NOT cite her, but he immediately begins a socializing conversation with her: "Do you have a family member 'on the job' ?" (meaning, working as a cop).

    The two of them shoot the breeze for ten minutes about her husband's cousin's work in some police department, happens to be the SAME city as the accident she caused.

    Does any citation result? NAH! He says he will say "Hello" to her "cousin" and off he goes! Now I have to file a claim against someone who may not be the real driver. We never did see identification of who she really is.

    Maybe I should have not been surprise because before the officer arrived, this babe was alreay bragging to me (as if I care!) that "I've got a family member who's a cop here!" So she must have benefitted from this ruse of the 11-99 before and knew well she would get off scott free.

    More the point: I can see the special treatment she got, I just did not know, 'til I downloaded my photos of her car and the license plate, did I notice the prominent "11-99 Foundation" plate-frame -- Only then did I begin to understand why she got "off" without even a verbal "warning" not to drive without having a license! HAH!

    Thank you for maintaining this web site. Officer Tango, Badge 35077, Los Angeles Police Department, SHAME ON YOU!

    John English:

    Just so you know, the 11-99 foundation is alive and well; you just apply online anymore. You still need to be referred by an existing member and you have to be at least 25 years old. You still get the badge and license plate frame. From what I've been told the the membership prices have gone up a bit to make sure only "deserving" people become members.


    Excellent. I am happy to know the foundation is alive and kicking, now I just need to find a member to refer me so I can spend some hard earned cash on a licenseplate frame for the wife and I, for our super expensive cars....

    Pepole posting above can B and M as much as they want, but fact of the matter is that money is donated to a foundation which helps out thusand of families annually.

    There are thousands of foundations out there each supporting their respective topic.
    All foundations offer some sort of benefit to the donator and their way of marketing yourself.
    11-99 just have a little more edge from marketing themselves on the car in front of you.

    Sure as heck got your attention didn't it?


    If the 11-99 foundation really wanted your money, they wouldn't require that you be sponsored by another member. Saying that, unless you love to speed while texting and not wearing a seat belt, is an $1800 membership worth the money?

    michael loiacono:

    I have been a lifetime member since 1994. Member number 0662. I made the donation because I have many relatives and friends in the HP and other law enforcement agencies.
    I would like to buy other CHP. items including a car frame for my wife’s car but can't find any web page for that purpose. I receive the CHP letter every so often but it doesn't offer that information. Can you help me?

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