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Five things

Raven Young who runs Raven's Brain has tagged me in the great (or evil?) five things you don't know about me thread. So here goes:

1) The clues for knowing EVERYTHING about me are already out there, just google for them.
2) I have great appreciation for the smooth way people like Kathy Sierra and Hugh MacLeod dodged the questions.
3) Umm...
4) Do I really have to do this?
5) I am not as clever at dodging the question as Kathy and Hugh... but you knew that didn't you?

So in order to inflict no more damage on the world than I have to I'll let YOU decide if you want to be tagged. Let me know and I'll tag you, otherwise have a great 2007!


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Thanks for playing along Jack. I just wanted to be able to say I participated in a "meme"!

I do know one of the things you're intersted in is photography - I still chuckle when I think of your Abalone Monster Monster Man post, though I have no idea what ichthyology means..

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