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This is the shape of my blog

Sorry to be tiresome and point to someone else for material, but I'm a sucker for charts. Seth puts up 4 of them as the typical sales curve for products. Of course he is missing a few, notably the one which crashes to the ground. But none the less it is interesting.

I know I have a handful of regular readers out there (and nearly enough fingers to count them all). What do you think, is this a B or a C blog? Have I saturated the world market for MS Project Programming tips and African Cockroaches? Please don't answer D. It would not be polite.


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I think it's a B, but don't know the peak. I find it profoundingly disappointing that there seems to be a weakness in the PM world re intellectual curiousity about Project. I can't explain it fully but my theories include-
: too much like work
: real project managers don't accept complex things (and since they can't figure out Project in 2 minutes, they reject it)
: computations/analysis about projects is delegated to people at lowest part of org chart. You demonstrate career limiting potential if seen to be able to compute or analyse.
: projects are only about cost and benefits, and Project doesn't work better than Excel or other financial tools for this.


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