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How to build your own motorcycle?

I get quite a few people coming here as a result of searching for the phrase "build your own motorcycle". I think this is because of my posts on the ugliest motorcycle (also on Ratbikes here). So I decided to take a look at what comes up in a search and found that most of the sites have nothing to do with actually building motorcycles. One was a site which showed a computer built in the shape of a motorcycle. Others described options available for custom cycles (in my opinion choosing wheels and colors from a catalog is hardly building your own motorcycle) and nothing really covered the design of the motorcycle, but at least this page from Miller Welding covers the welding techniques used to put together the frame.

If you always wanted to know the practical difference between GMAW and GTAW that site is the place for you.


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matthew hughes:

you have one of my favourite bikes burnt to a crisp? you assholes:(


I really want to make my own bike. Is there possibly a kit or something I could start with? Email me at jon.odonnell@hotmail.com

John, I don't know of any "kit" but I'd start with a trip to the junkyard and strip a bike down completely so that you have a good understanding of what you need to do to put it back together. Modifying an existing bike is going to be easier than putting one together entirely from scratch. -Jack


Hi, I always wanted to build a bike but I failed every time becouse of the lack of knowledge in its structure. Do you maybe know any sites that describes how a bike is working etc. Srry for bad english, I hope you understeand what am I writing :D


would like to build a bike what is considered best kit both ease of construction and reputation of builder

thank you Edward


hi everyone, i want to build my own motorbike and i want to know where to by the kit motorbike or websytes. i can help me plz e-mail me thx all nick


yo i wanna make a bike but i dont no how...do u have like a book and stuff like that cause i also wanna build the engine myself and all the accesories.. i want it to go fast.


hi, im intrested in bikes i want to build one. can you help me out. i need something that would help me step by step. thank you

vivek bhardwaj:

how can i get started to make my own motor bike
is it economical

I want to build my own race bike like ducati or hayabusa on my own.so my request with u is to give me details of bike engine as well as other parts of bike along with its cost.....Please do this for me
Hmmm... 2 cylinder or 4? V-twin or inline 4?


dude, i wanna know how to build an engine from scratch....
i wanted to become an automobile engineer but cudnt ......
please tell me name of sites which wud help me


This is for the users that are looking for sites that have info on motorcycle building and mechanics. www.dansmc.com
This website is great it has everything you need to know to be able to build your own motorcycle, or restore/repair a used one. This is like actually taking a Motorcycle Course
you go in detail step by step about everything you need to know plus some extra. If you're interested in building your own bike, or want to be able to repair other peoples bike you could do so after familiarizing yourself with all the info on this site. The best part is that it is completely free.

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