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The second ugliest motorcycle I've ever seen


It is in Russian so I can't tell much about this monster, but that is OK. In this sort of situation words fail you anyway.

For a closer look without having to wait for the slow site to load take a look here.

Update: Now in Purple...

I think it looked better in black, but apparently the owner has painted the thing purple and yellow with some aluminum corrugated ducting. One can only hope that an errant can of brake fluid lands on it to bring it back towards the original aesthetic conception. Here it is in all ugliness:


For all those commenters who think I don't like this motorcycle - it is only posted here because it is great.


Comments (53)


You obviously can't appreciate innovation. I doubt whether you have ANY sort of mechanical aptitude. So ZIP IT!!!!

Chuck Norris:

Your an idiot,
Its clear that you have no individual opinion of your own and your simply a sheep who's pretending to like motorcycle's. If you were a true motorcycle design connoisseur you would be able to recognize the awesome display of selfexpression,resourcefullness and creativaty this builder has produced. Chuch thinks you should think before you speak next time. Rejen.

??? The thing is an awesome display. That is why I posted it here. Sure it is ugly, but there is NO doubt that it is an awesome machine. More awesome than Chuck Norris by a long shot.-Jack

Ed Warnick:

At first glance I chuckled and thought "what a cluster". Then as I looked at the terrible welds and odd parts and engineering closer, I started realizing all the time and work this guy put into designing and fabricating everything.

I then thought of all of my unfinished project bikes over the years. I'm presuming his budget was brutally tight. This guy FINISHED his bike and he started from scratch! I've junked project bikes I didn't get finished because I couldn't get a front end straightened or a lousey air filter hobbed together to stay on. I wish I had this guy's determination.

Reading a stack of books on motorcycles could not teach me what he learned in the process of building his own bike. He didn't just bend some tubes, put a store bought fork on and drop in a "ready to go" conventional motorcycle engine. Damn... he BUILT this thing!
It is surely "unusual" but I'm not thinking it is ugly.

I have to hand it to the guy from Russia. I admire his sheer determination... crude welds, strange appearance, warts, distributor cap up your shorts and all.

I am jaded by the beautiful high tech bikes we all see waiting for us in every showroom. We buy them and then pay others to keep them on the road so we can look impressive on them. All I do is pay the loans off.

With guts and determination like his, this Russian guy could become one of the next world's next Rickmann, Shelby, Lotus, Foose, or OCC.

Bravo. You go Russian guy.


By any chance did you look at the engine? This one is obviously build for speed, and besides it doesn't look that ugly, it looks massive!


at first site this thing looked awesome.. then i took a closer look and realized thats its even better than that... i love this thing... it gives off a dark, evil look and looks like it got some speed put into it too, like, something either a dark hero or a really cool villain would ride in a movie... i'd buy this thing if i could


people who buy expensive motorcycles (Ducati, Harley, whatever) and think they're tough, cool or some kind of racer, gangster or hot shot are posers and losers. people who have their own machine and know how to build, fix, and really ride it are the cool ones. if this thing runs like it looks, the person who made it rocks. i'm so sick of fat 50 year olds thinking writing a check for a stock $20K chrome-and-fiberglass hog that mostly makes a lot of low-speed, poor-handling noise makes them bikers. about as interesting as people who think they can express their individuality by drinking coca cola, driving a ford f-150 and smoking winstons. i'll blow your sissy doors off on the road or on the street with my rd-400 that runs like a chainsaw on roids, looks like a hunk of scrap metal and blows up every three months. at least i don't have to cry to my $75/hr suburban mechanic, just fix it myself in one day, and i won't get my pricey ride reposessed when i lose my job as an accountant. i could get another one for the price of fixing your harley's seat when i slash it drunk on saturday night and i wouldn't cry to my wife about it either. when your baby gets back from the shop i'll blow your crap ride away again, leaving you behind on the twisties like you're rosie o'donnell riding a broken rocking chair.
A blue 1977 Yamaha RD400 was my first motorcycle. It was cheap, noisy, smoky, smelly and fast. What more could you want from a motorcycle? The ugly beast in this post captures the same spirit. Glad you like it. -Jack

anyway, i wanna ride with this guy.


i like it it could do with a cleening and perhaps the wires sorted out or a paint job but i can see it becoming a sweet assed ride


As an engineer I can see this guy is smarter than 3/4 of the mechanics around here. Just look at the resourcefulness this guy has. Most anyone will open a book to find out where a particular bolt goes in. So... unless you can convert a car into a bike keep your stink-hole shut
Hey Albanian, it is a great bike. What are you going on about?


i think it it beautiful. it's mad max meets streat legal. i like how low the saddle is slung. though those exaust look like they could get toasty. is it a v8 or inline 4? it looks like a rat bike. i would be proud to ride with him. it would look better in camo collors. o shit thats my red neck showing again.


its down right ugly when it's evaluated by ppl who doesnt know anything about bikes. =\

would like to know who's the man behind the beast!
(if he's a russian then i hope he can communicate with english >_

it's massive, it's huge, it's out of the world and it's darn freaking evil!


nice, It looks like some kind of front end from a bimota tesi, or one of them bmws made in the late 90s, whatever it is u could pull it up to any lineup of bikes and draw a bigger crowd than anyone else, especially yuppies on carbon fibre dressed superbikes....

I am building a bmw/2 with a vw type 1 conversion with dual weber idfs, but itll look tiny next to that beast XD,,, and all of you that say its ugly havent seen a boss hoss yet, i think this bike looks much better, and the flat black gives it that rat look, perfect to park next to shiny expensive cars or bikes, or in front of the house to make the homowners association mad, and hopefully they will be too afraid of retalliation to complain.....


AWESOME!!! This bike is exactly what riding is about. Evil? Absolutely and yet you have to remember the "once upon a time, Russia" where now ingenuity is a given. Hope my bike (the one I can only afford to build myself) looks half as good as this. Except I'd rather not get burned by the engine and exhaust...lol; must remember "keep heat away from legs"!

Van Halt:

I don't see why some of you seem to think it is unappealing to the eye...at first sight I actually thought the bike was quite attractive...upon further inspection I found that I absolutely LOVE the bike's design.

I agree with Ben in his overall summary of how some overweight 50 year old man (and in some cases, women) will just write a check to the dealer and sign a contract for a mechanic and all the sudden will think they're a biker. I would like to meet this guy, question him on some of his ideas and theories behind his dream's construction. People who can take the time and patience to pursue and produce something that they wish to have are the people who are needed in the world, more so than the people who have the money (like our overweight 50 year old) -Applauds the Russian guy- I love it.

I bought my first bike in pieces, I still have it as a matter of fact. 1979 Suzuki GSX 950, got it running about 1200 by the time I was done with it. That, my friend is a thing of beauty. Man...all this talk of this bike has gotten me itching to see this guy's frankenbike in action, let's track him down.
I meant ugly as a compliment. I've actually seen some later pictures where it was "finished". It was painted in maroon and yellow. The goggles! They do nothing! -Jack

Mike Landefeld:

Ugly? By whose standards? Some yuppee business exec. with an $85,000.00 West Coast custom he bought 4 years ago and hasn't managed to put 1500 miles on? I used to like those flashy picture makers (and credit given where it's due, they are very nice) until I realized that they were just for show. Now this bike looks like it was built in the true spirit of what riding is all about; I don't give a fuck about you or anything else but riding. This is one tough ass ride. I'm currently mulling over some ideas of my own to put another "ugly" beast out on the highway. A cafe style rat bike with nothing but attitude. To all the bikers out there, true and otherwise, ride safe!!!!!!!!


I have to agree with all of you. This guy has expressed himself to the fullest. Yes its not the best prepared bike but I bet you it will smoke ANY crotch rocket or harley on the street. I am not opposed to either of the 2 but how much better can it get to ride your self expression ?? Give this guy a cigar and back off ! ;-)


I want one. It would have make great prop for a Mad Max movie. Pure art.


That bike rocks!!!!!!!!!!! It's very nice!


Great design, does anyone know how the bloke has done the drive to the rear wheel?

well heres my project I told u all about in a previous post, Its not nearly as high tech as that v8 bike but i got a chrome alt, distributor, and fuel pump for u bling lovers, its not finished yet, and I still have to clean all the welds up and do paint and many other things, its alot of parts from diff machines put together, but I love vws and bikes so its to please me and any one doesnt like it toughsky shytsky. sounds russian, anyways my bike is of the german bloodline, so its definatly intimidating!



I agree with the guy who said,unless you can turn a car into a bike shut your stink hole.

It would be ugly to some suit who walks in to his local harley dealer and says to the salesman can I get the sportster with pan heads please,as he lays his gold visa on the counter.


You may call it ugly, but that's a work of art.

Looks like they put a V8 engine from a car on it you doof. Not only is that thing bulky and not finely painted, it has the power of a V8, with 1/3 of the weight of a car.

The OZ:

This bike is a hell hound damn... If I would saw this on the street with a black suit biker riding this thing I would probably thought is satan himself , just awsome look at the engine dud :X


This is an ugly bike - ugly like a flaming gorilla running at 200mph swinging a mace.

There should be a word for "Ugly in an awesome way".

Has to be the most bad-ass home-built bike I've seen.
Way better than my modified '82 Goldwing.


its called in russian 'WAR 5000'

That's not just a cars engine, its a truck one. (g.a.z-53) thers a photo of it 8) http://www.techstory.ru/avto/lka/gaz-53-12_ua_ap001.jpg

V8, 5-Liter engine, 200hp?, 200kph?, 60 kph at idle throttle. 1 speed.


Here, in Ukrain we call such bikes - custom flying-sledge-hammers or mace-flyers ^)

Ten kinds of awesome!

Go ya Ruskies!



It's unusual but I like it, he's pretty innovative if it actually works. Bikes like that are so much cooler than stock factory bikes, but I guess it all depends on what you want the bike for. Ugly for sure, but in a really cool way. I'd ride it...


One word ................. DEMONIC

Tim Dixon:

Master! I take my hat off to the builder. I hope my project turns out half as good as this beast. He built what we all want, something sickly dangerous and fast. Outragous and a work of art.


My god, I love this bike. It's seriously the most badass thing I have ever seen


That is a kick ass bike!! Looks like one of those futuristic Final Fantasy bikes.


This bike just needs to be cleaned, painted purely black (not shining paint) and voila .. as one already said - This is something a really evil villain might ride.

Maybe it wasn't intention, but one might upgrade this bike to look more steam-punk style :) Why it has some basis for it after all...

Graham Hudson:

At first glance I was blow away by the looks. The Riding position looks so aggresive. Definite Masterpeice....No comment on the Second paintjob.

Dylan Keyne:

Yep, it's ugly... and THAT'S THE POINT!!!

For those not in the know, this style is called Rat-Bike, just the same as you have Rat-Rod cars, Rat-Racers etc...

The theme, as you may have gathered, is the post-apocalypse futuristic style of Mad Max and so many others in popular culture, Japanese anime included.

The idea is you do all the work youself, usually because you can't afford a pristine custom Orange County Chopper or don't have the skills to make it look pretty. You make it using basic tools and whatever materials you can scrounge. It is, literally and figuratively, a Scrapheap Challenge job. It's usually sprayed matt black to give it some semblance of aesthetics.

These days people do it out of appreciation for the style. I also happen to like it and plan on ratting a bike (or more likely a trike) myself, one day!!

Trikes are ugly. Back when I had a rat bike, primer gray was the color of choice. -Jack


This bike is proof that mentally challenged individuals need to stay out of the garage.


This thing is f*cking ugly. I would NEVER be seen it or "on" it.


This thing is f*cking ugly. I would NEVER be seen it or "on" it.


hey i think it would look maaaaad for a dragracing bike the theme suits it.
he screwed it up by adding the carridge to the side

philip bea:



Ugly? Sort of. In the same way tanks and Apache helicopters are ugly-yet pure awesome. So ugly it is beautiful. I'm impressed.


That bike is awesome. It's definitely ugly, but in a good way. Russians love their side-cars. I don't think you could really ride a bike like that on only two wheels. Sucker's gotta weigh several times as much as a typical 100ci hog.


ok so that is a pretty intresting bike and i am from the kawasaki corporation. I would love to take a look at it if it is what i think it is then i think my section of the business, which sells unusual bikes, would like to take a look at it and possibly buy the design from the russian guy for a very good price.


For those of you who don't speak Russian (most of you probably), here is the info from the Russian site:
It's all about the engine.
Engine: GAZ-53. This engine is used mostly with this sort of trucks.
V8, 5 litres, 200 hp, 0-100 kilometers per hour - 2 seconds (0-62.14 miles per hour), 1 speed, 60 kph (37.28 mph) at idle throttle. Noone ever tried going at full speed. The maximum speed at which someone ever tried riding this this is 200 kmp (124 mph).
To me the technical part is of least interest. The most important thing is that the guy actually built it from scratch. Now that is impressive.


to chris,

i completely agree whith you man. maybe i'm not allowed to talk whith my little experience as i've only been driving for half a year now, but what you say is true, there's so much bikers who come close to actually being fashion models instead of bikes who love to ride, whether it's raining like shit or 50 degrees centegrade.
I ride a '86 fz600 myself and for outsiders it may look like shit but to me it's the best bike ever, because it's mine. it's so funny to have a guy laugh about the fact it only has 60 hp max while his r6 had abou 120? just to beat him like shit in teh corners. í'm not trying to show off it's just so annoying that there are only few real bikers who do it because they love riding, and not to look good.

greetz jeroen london (holland)


Personally, I love this bike's desigen. I might not like everything about the look but that's just my opinion. I would love to see how he got that engine incorperated into that thing and maybe dicuss how I can do something similar with my project bike. I have an engine and I have no idea how I am going to get it onto a bike. I could certainly use some pointers from this guy when I put my 8.1L Triton V10 onto a frame. BTW, does anyone have the specs on this bike? I'd love to know the gas milage and tank size. Lets hear it for the Russian guy.


Holy cow at some of the comments here. All these people blabbing about posers on pretty bikes and how bikes are fashion statements - well what in hell do you think this is??!! you think the guy made this because it works better?? Go back to thinking school.

I love the LOOK of this bike when it was black, after the purple and other junk it looks like ass imo.

That being said, I am absolutely 100% certain this bike does not work, and anyone who rode it would HATE it. There's absolutely no way in hell this bike could possibly go around a corner with any sort of grace whatsoever. Drag bikes and this bike are stupid.

Harris F:

I really salute this guy who build this bike, look awesome and unique.

Keep it up guys.



Posted by chris | June 22, 2007 7:48 PM

commenting on what chris wrote... its not cool to buy an expensive well made motorcycle? u lost me on that one loser... some of have careers and dont have the time to build our own motorcycle but we have the money to buy one, but that would makes us posers?...ur an idiot


I don't imagine you'd want to ride the thing very far, can you imagine the heat that motor would throw your way. I wouldn't come down on someone's hard work, it certainly is unique, just not very functional.


hit up v8bikes.com its ull of unconventional bikes! lol... they trikes are totally understandable... but really, u dont need three hundred hp on a bike.


This is what I really call a true ROAD WARRIOR whithout Mel Gibson. No doubt!

What a nioce bike .... id like that bike its awesome .... I cant imagine that Bike it is so great ....... that person's who abled to transformed it so geneus ........ i hope that i cant drive that bike .............

Mikkel sjørvad:

I think its wery wery bad and cool. How can you call it ugly:) Its home creation at its best. Espcially the center stering, you dont get sleeping.It doesent have to cost half a million to be fun to ride.Keep up the good work who ever you are:) good summer wishes and good weather from denmark

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